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This Weekend: A Podcast on Life's Inexplicable Minutiae

This Weekend: A Podcast on Life's Inexplicable Minutiae

By OZY Editors



The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.

By OZY Editors


Rising — A New Look at Climate Change’s Frontier. In journalist Elizabeth Rush’s stunning new book, subtitled “Dispatches from the New American Shore,” the reader gets a deeply personal look at the people directly affected by the onslaught of climate change. It’s a sobering look at rising sea levels and their impact on fishing communities and islands, as well as the coastlines that will likely disappear in the coming years. (Recommended by Michael Hewins, OZY Fan)

Scaramouche — A Forgotten Classic. Despite sounding an awful lot like the name of President Donald Trump’s short-tenured communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, this book was published in 1921. And the politics contained within are entirely of the French variety. Set at the dawn of the French Revolution, this swashbuckling tale will satisfy any fans of The Three Musketeers (so, everyone). (Recommended by Leslie dela Vega, Such an Aramis)

Farthest Field — A Battle Worth Remembering. The role of Indian soldiers on the frontiers of World War II has often been whitewashed. This 2015 Raghu Karnad book attempts to remedy that, detailing the vital role played by Indian troops at Dunkirk. This is the story of the largest volunteer army in history, which fought for an empire at a time when its countrymen were fighting to free India of it. (Recommended by Charu Sudan Kasturi, History Buff)


Good One — Think Inside the Joke. If you like the way Song Exploder digs deep into lyrics, exploring song from the inside out, this podcast is pretty similar … but for comedy. Every week, comedians like Kevin Hart, Seth Myers and Rachel Bloom come on to talk through one of their jokes with host Jesse David Fox. It turns out some jokes are even funnier when they’ve been exhaustively explained. (Recommended by Alex Lau, Funny Man)

Every Little Thing — Everything You Ever Wondered. This is a lesser-known gem from the Gimlet network, a podcast whose concept allows it to roam across any subject or genre while still being incredibly detailed. Each week, host Flora Lichtman explores a different random question — like “Why do they play the organ at baseball games?” and “Where do things confiscated by the TSA go?” You’re wondering now, aren’t you? Sorry, you’ll have to go listen to find out. (Recommended by Amanda Bungartz, Always Questioning)


Shrill — Fat-Shamers Need Not Apply. This original Hulu series, based on the essay collection by feminist journalist Lindy West, is not just a star-making role for Aidy Bryant but a bold move for fat acceptance in mainstream culture. Over the six-episode series, protagonist Annie — an obese journalist — learns to feel comfortable in herself despite the neverending onslaught of negative commentary about her body.

The writing is sharp, clear and inventive, with Bryant’s loose and pleasingly silly charm making clear that it’s absolutely criminal she hasn’t been in starring roles long before now. (Recommended by Liz Smith, Early Adopter)

And whatever you do, don’t …

Give up solving a mystery. For three decades, plastic orange-and-black phones resembling cartoon cat Garfield have been washing up on the shores of northwestern France, and all theories had turned up no concrete evidence as to why. Now an environmental group says it’s discovered the source: A shipping container of the phones that’s long been stuck in a nearby cave. (UPI)


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