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This Weekend: A Podcast About Insanity, Followed by Insanely Good Noodles

This Weekend: A Podcast About Insanity, Followed by Insanely Good Noodles

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors

What to Listen To

Heads Will Roll — Fantasy Meets Comedy. SNL darling Kate McKinnon (and a bunch of her friends) star in this weird and wonderful podcast/audiobook/comedy hybrid. McKinnon plays an evil queen, and yes, you will laugh so hard that you probably shouldn’t listen while driving. (Recommended by Daniel Malloy, Knows Two Jokes)

Southern Mysteries — Get the Creeps. This podcast explores historical mysteries and forgotten figures peculiar to the American South. Episodes are only released every two weeks, but there’s a healthy backlog of stories, including that of a missing Palm Beach heriess and Alabama’s prophetic “Sleeping Preacher.” (Recommended by Perry Jeffries, OZY Fan)

The Thread — The Truth Behind the Crimes. On the heels of two Webby nods, the current season of The Thread takes a dark turn and focuses on six notorious criminal cases, all of which feature the legal defense of “not guilty by way of insanity.” It’s a perfect binge before Season 5 comes out next month. (Recommended by Rob Culos, Crazy for Braswell) 

What to Read

A Velocity of Being — A How-To for Living. This book is meant for young readers, but they’re not the only ones who can benefit from a collection full of advice from cultural luminaries. David Byrne, Ursula K. Le Guin and Richard Branson are just a few of the people who wrote letters to young people for this collected volume, highlighting the key role books and reading have played in their lives. You won’t love all the advice or the contents of every letter, but there are plenty to choose from, so there’s something there to thrill just about everyone. (Recommended by Diana Clephane, Reader for Life)

The Return — The Truth Is in There. Author Hisham Matar’s novels have been short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, but it’s his memoir, The Return, that will emotionally destroy you. Matar’s father, an anti-Gaddafi dissident in Libya, disappeared when the author was a teenager. This Pulitzer-winning book is a chronicle of how Matar went looking for him two decades later in an attempt to understand and process what happened. (Recommended by Mat Nashed, Loves a Good Book)

Where to Eat

Noodle Shop — Enormous Plates of Homestyle Goodness. Located on the outskirts of downtown San Mateo, California, this hidden gem is one of the best places on the Peninsula to get authentic Chinese food, served in truly gigantic portions. Don’t let the name of the restaurant fool you: Try the noodles, but please promise you’ll also try everything else. Classics like Xiao Long Bao, green onion pancakes and lettuce cups are to die for.

If you want to try something a little more off the beaten path, order the pig’s ear in chili, which will change your life. But if you don’t make it there until a blustery day, go with the spicy beef stew noodle soup, a savory and soul-warming broth that will leave you perfectly satisfied. Or just go with a huge group of friends so you can order, well, everything. (Recommended by Alex Furuya, Noodle Kid in Town)

And whatever you do, don’t …

Jump to conclusions. Staff at a New York state hospital separated a mother from her newborn after they found that her urine had tested positive for opiates. It turns out Elizabeth Dominguez had eaten an everything bagel earlier that day. Poppy seeds can sometimes cause false positives in drug tests as they are derived from the opium plant. Her son Carter is now at home with his family. (UPI)


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