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This Weekend: A Lesson on Mass Incarceration

This Weekend: A Lesson on Mass Incarceration

By Joshua Eferighe


By Joshua Eferighe

The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time, as we grapple with turbulent times in America.


Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter — Sense From 50 Cent. He’s been shot nine times, is a multi-platinum-selling recording artist, produced movies and television shows, and sold Vitamin Water to countless millions. Now, in his second book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, a self-help guide based on his career, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson tells us how. 

The Mirror and the Light — Historical Fiction. Escapism is in high demand nowadays, so what better than to indulge in the final installment in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy about Henry VIII’s Machiavellian adviser, Thomas Cromwell.

The Black Flamingo — For Your Teenager. Just out this month, this coming-of-age story follows a mixed-raced young boy who is into Barbies as he explores the various intersectional identities he discovers growing up in Europe. 


Tropical Vacation in …Georgia? — Hawaiian Style Chick-fil-A. Grilled mahi-mahi on udon noodles, chicken tacos, fish tacos, sweet potato waffle fries, bubble tea, greeters in Hawaiian shirts and a waterfall. Thanks to TikTok, Chick-fi-natics now know about Truett’s Luau, named for Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, in Fayetteville, Georgia. And if you’re wondering if they serve the classic chicken sandwich, the answer is yes. 

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Bunny Chow — Rabbit in a Bowl. If you ever find yourself in South Africa, make sure to ask for bunny chow. There are no rabbits involved — instead, this creation by Indian immigrants is a mutton curry stuffed into a hollowed-out loaf of bread.

Homemade Gumbo — Because You Can’t Waste Food. Cajun gumbo is not only pretty easy, but eminently adaptable as long as you take care with your seasonings. Here are a few recipes to get you started. 



The 13th — Locked Up. In Ava DuVernay’s shocking documentary, she explores the racial lines of mass incarceration. The film reveals how from slavery to today’s prison-industrial complex, the suppression and disenfranchisement of African Americans has benefitted capital America and corporations. There’s no better time to understand the sordid racial history of this country.

Normal People — To Feel Human Again. Based on the Sally Rooney best-seller, Normal People is a racy teen drama set in a small town in western Ireland involving a popular school jock and a nerd outcast who end up falling in love. If you’ve ever wanted to OD on nostalgia, stick this show into your veins. You can catch the post-millennial bildungsroman on Hulu.

Craftopia — A Crafty Wonderland. From HBO Max and the production company B17 comes a new arts and crafts competition show for kids, families and creatives everywhere. Following the MasterChef model, kids prove their resourcefulness by using the goodies at their disposal to create projects that often blow the judges away. Hosted by YouTube star Lauren Riihimaki, aka LaurDIY, Craftopia is the perfect watch for you and your family.

We Need to Talk — Race in America. Inspired by reader responses to a letter from OZY co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson about our next steps, OZY and the History Channel have joined forces for a special prime-time town hall discussion featuring thought leaders from the NAACP, popular culture and beyond — as well as several of you, OZY subscribers — on Monday, June 8. Be sure to tune in!


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Mariah the Scientist — In Your ‘Feels’ Music. From pre-med science major dropout at St. John’s in 2018, to signing with RCA and debuting her breakout album, MASTER, in 2019, it’s only right to see what the 22-year-old Atlanta native is up to this year. Which leads us to her first offering of the year, released May 22: “RIP.” Great for getting lost in your feelings. 

Breeland — Because Why Not? I am a firm believer that you’ll never know whether you’ll like something unless you try it. So before you raise your brow at the 24-year-old country/rap hybrid out of New Jersey, give “WiFi” a spin.

Michael Kiwanuka — For Peace of Mind. The 33-year-old from Southampton, U.K., is not unfamiliar with success (his single “Cold Little Heart” appeared in a 2016 episode of smash hit Big Little Lies). But he’s done it again: His 2019 track “Hero” is the perfect listen for our chaotic times.

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