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This Weekend: A Creepy Yet Unforgettable California Getaway

This Weekend: A Creepy Yet Unforgettable California Getaway

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


Where the Crawdads Sing — Secrets of the Marsh. In this stunning first novel, rural North Carolina of the late 1960s is the setting for both true crime and wondrous discovery. Delia Owens’ slow unveiling of her protagonist, a young girl who’s lived alone in a marsh for years, will stick with you, as will the murder mystery surrounding her. (Recommended by Diana Clephane, Doesn’t Live in a Marsh)

Complications — The Nuts and Bolts of Us. There’s no better guide to the bizarre, mysterious world of medicine than Atul Gawande, who’s both a surgeon and a New Yorker writer. Packed with real-world dilemmas and hard-to-crack cases, this is a brilliantly told, breathtaking dissection of medicine itself. (Recommended by Charu Sudan Kasturi, Chief OZY Scientist)

Knucklehead — Lawyer Jokes. This funny, rambling story about a Black attorney in the ‘80s and ‘90s is a Salinger-esque take on racism and masculinity. Author Adam Smyer’s voice is sardonic, smart and memorable as he narrates the journey of feisty Marcus, who moves to California and finds love … for a while. (Recommended by Eugene Robinson, Amateur Lawyer)    


Lux Prima — Ultimate Collaboration. The best way to describe this album, the brainchild of Karen O and 19-time Grammy nominee Dangermouse, is that listening to it feels like a nighttime drive after it’s rained and the asphalt is shiny — and you’re wearing black eyeliner and leather because you’re just so cool. Imagine Serge Gainsbourg, but somehow modern and with even better vocals. (Recommended by Viviane Feldman, Extremely Cool)

’Cellophane’ — Body Anthem. FKA Twigs’ latest single is reminiscent of Björk but covered by a soul singer. That’s probably no coincidence — the director of the frankly stunning video accompanying the song is Andrew Thomas Huang, who collaborated with Björk. This is an incredibly stripped down song, relying only on Twigs’ delicate voice, but that’s really all it needs to be: It’s perfect just like that. (Recommended by Wade Best, Music Genius)


Salton Sea — The Ghost of an Ocean. This California landmark isn’t for everybody. The massive lake sprang up after a heavy rain in the early 20th century, and briefly spawned a beachy fad for the area. But it’s now a ghost town for a reason: Pesticides from local farms ran off into the sea and killed the fish, leaving the whole area smelling like … well, dead fish.

This doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation. But the Salton Sea and the ghost towns nearby, which are beautiful, have become attractions for photographers and soul-searchers who want to see the nearly empty place just an hour’s drive from Palm Springs. (Recommended by Gwen Calderon, OZY Fan)


Book a drinking tour of North Korea’s highlands. The Hermit Kingdom is reportedly distilling its own whiskey — a first for the country — with plans to launch at the end of the year. But don’t worry, this whiskey won’t hurt your liver: Samilpo Distillery, which once launched what it claimed was a hangover-free alcohol, says it’s putting amino acids in the whiskey to combat the ill-effects of booze. Whiskey lovers may be more concerned, however, by the lack of transparency over which grain is being used. (BBC)


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