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This Week: Write a Stranger a Heartfelt Letter

This Week: Write a Stranger a Heartfelt Letter

By OZY Editors

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The Week-in-der is a special quarantine edition of the OZY Weekender, providing delicious recommendations for your time stuck inside.

By OZY Editors


Kind Words — The Game We Need. In the middle of what might be peak human isolation, this game offers low commitment connection with an old-world tinge. Here’s the premise: You listen to chill music and write anonymous, kind notes to strangers. You’ll never be able to contact them aside from the note, and they’ll never know which of their requests for contact went unanswered, so it’s completely no pressure. But it is a way to feel like you’re connecting with someone, which is pretty important right now. 

The Legend of Heroes: Trails — Time on Your Hands. If you’re into expansive fantasy worlds, The Legend of Heroes: Trails series is as epic as it gets. But it can take 40 hours to complete one of these Japanese RPGs, so it only works if, say, you’re confined in the midst of a pandemic. Creating an unparalleled sense of place, it spans nine games set amid conflict spawned by modern technology suddenly sprung on the feudal society of Zemuria.

#selfcare — Put Yourself First. This mobile game predates the coronavirus, but it’s a lifeline in a world where we’re even more stressed than usual but still have to work from home. Your character augments their life force (represented by a glowing sun) via various self-care activities like methodically picking up laundry, interacting with a digital cat, staring at a candle or regulating breathing. 


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OZY Weekly Playlist — Music to Your Ears. Every week, OZY’s music experts (that’s all of us) curate a Spotify feed for you to listen to at your home desk, on your couch, wherever you feel like. This week: Mitski, Les Sins and Marvin Gaye. 

Shakti Sound Bath — Soak It In. A sound bath album isn’t really anything like a song — it’s more long-form meditation. You can listen to these calming, weird noises anywhere and while doing anything, but you might find yourself getting distracted, retreating into your own head and discovering deep truths about yourself. 


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COVID Art Museum — Instagram, But Make It Culture. The CAM, as it’s known, is an Instagram museum that’s amassed 19,000 followers in less than a month. Users can submit their COVID-19-themed artwork (don’t worry, it’s all pretty museum-worthy), and it injects a little culture into your day between all the snapshots of sourdough bread and bored toddlers. 


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Disrespect the ghosts. In a bid to keep people inside during lockdown, the Indonesian village of Kepuh has recruited people to dress in white robes and pretend to be ghosts, scaring would-be curfew breakers back inside. (Reuters)


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