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Video of the Week is a Can't-Miss Commercial...for Tampons


When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed an ad? This one delighted everyone in our office who it didn’t horrify.

By Rebecca Moreno

We open on a familiar summer scene: pre-adolescent kids laughing and running through perfect grass beside a sparkling lake. We’re at camp, and if you remember your own camp days, you won’t be surprised that the next kid we meet is having a miserable time. She’s not making friends, she’s not getting noticed … UNTIL. Let’s just say she may as well have been sitting under that tree reading Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

You’ll have to watch to find out just how the miracle of menstruation vaults our girl into camp superstardom. The clever clip comes from the people over at HelloFlo, a new service that sends customers care packages that sync up with their cycles. If the service is as smart as this ad, we’re in.


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