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This Hilarious Podcast Ranks Favorite Christmas Movies ... With a Twist

This Hilarious Podcast Ranks Favorite Christmas Movies ... With a Twist

By Joshua Eferighe

Celebrate the holidays with this funny-as-hell podcast.


Because you really do want to know which is better, "Home Alone 2" or "It's a Wonderful Life."

By Joshua Eferighe

What is the greatest Christmas movie of all time? The 1964 stop-motion animation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Home Alone … or Home Alone 2? Is it Die Hard? (Does that even count?)

Ranking movies can be tough. Everyone has their opinion, rooted in their own biases and memories. But when it comes to Christmas classics, who would even dare to compare these beloved holiday watches?

Turns out, two comedians have dared, and they’re bringing their unique takes on holiday films to a five-episode podcast: Sisqo and Tree Bird Present a Christmas Podcast Spectacular on Ice!

Co-hosts and ex-roommates Quinta Brunson (from HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show) and Kate Peterman come with full comedic force at holiday flicks, and from completely different directions. Brunson grew up a Jehovah’s Witness with no experience of Christmas; Peterman grew up Catholic and has loads of holiday experience. Having had many discussions about the holiday, the pair decided to do a “fun, easy podcast” reviewing Christmas movies, Brunson explains, adding: “I kinda thought there was no way for that not to be enjoyable for people.”

There is much giggling and occasional swearing.

Both bring their sharp wit and banter — and specific criteria — to each weekly show. For example, for Brunson (Sisqo, a play on “Siskel”) a great Christmas flick must have dramatic emotional moments, good music and the appearance of a “big-eyed baby.” For Peterman (Tree Bird, a play on “Ebert”), there must be a happy ending “where nothing hurts,” plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and a sense of childhood wonder.

In each episode, three Christmas movies — two classics and one non (which they call an “arguable mention”) — are put up for review. After a plot synopsis and some playful discussion, the co-hosts take turns ticking off the boxes for their individual requirements. Next, the film is scored for meeting their joint criteria: Does it melt a stone heart? Does it contain some discernible Christmas magic? Does it offer an element of escapism?

“It was a fun, silly idea that we thought would add some cheer and laughs to people’s days if they’re traveling for the holidays or sitting in traffic,” Peterman explains over the phone.

The first episode digs into holiday legends Home Alone 2 and It’s a Wonderful Life along with the not-so-holiday flick Daddy’s Home 2. During the hour-long show, the comedians riff off each other, accompanied by funny sound bites, as they recall favorite moments and characters (oh, the Pigeon Lady!). There is much giggling and occasional swearing. And, no, we’re not going to tell you which movie ends up with the highest score.

In the end it’s not about the ranking. It’s about reliving Christmas memories or perhaps discovering flicks for the first time — through a funny lens and with relatable hosts. Whether listeners celebrate the holiday or not, “we hope we’re creating an enjoyable listen for people from both sides of the coin,” says Brunson.

Expect to find yourself going down memory lane revisiting classics such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol and more, while also cackling alongside two talented comedians.

The fifth and final episode of Sisqo and Tree Bird Present a Christmas Podcast Spectacular on Ice! airs on Christmas Day.

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