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The Yummy Ice Cream Store That Makes You Work for It

The Yummy Ice Cream Store That Makes You Work for It

By Melissa Pandika


Peddling pedaled ice cream yum. 

By Melissa Pandika

Green ice cream never tasted so sweet. No, we’re not talking pistachio or mint chocolate chip. Edward Belden, founder of Los Angeles’ Peddler’s Creamery, wants you to churn your organic, locally grown ice cream with your own two feet.

Belden, who grew up working at Baskin Robbins and has a graduate degree in environmental science, came up with Peddler’s Creamery as he was biking past an ice cream shop one day. He first built a mobile creamery, which he showcased at a community cycling event in 2012. Later, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the brick-and-mortar incarnation, which opened its doors in downtown L.A. last year, part of a revival that’s transformed rows of mostly vacant office buildings into a hotbed for restaurateurs, artists and developers alike.

Belden concocts the flavors himself. They come in dairy and non-dairy varieties, ranging from exotic cardamom and fig ginger to nostalgic raspberry Pop-Tart and pancake batter. He and his employees churn a few gallons every night — just enough for the next day, to avoid wasting any ingredients. Five percent of their profits go to local charities.

“Sustainability has always been important to me,” says Belden, who’s also a program director for the National Forest Foundation.

Peddler’s Creamery evokes the childhood whimsy of summer vacation — with the adult goal of reducing our impact on the planet. Watch as we learn more about ice cream that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Video by Tom Gorman. Tom is an OZY video producer.


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