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From an exclusive survey of American attitudes about military service to an innovative spousal sex tax in Uganda, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

The chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency slouches out the door (hey, put that ashtray down — government property!); Mexico signals, shoulder-checks and makes a hard left; and the trade war of words turns into a tariff slap fight, with the U.S. striking first — all in all, it’s been another news-packed week. Before settling in for some World Cup action, check out OZY’s very best from the past seven days.

#1: Pink-ish Slip: Scott Pruitt Shows How ‘You’re Fired’ Is Softened in the White House


President Trump rarely fires people unless it’s televised.
Why You Should Care: Because the shuffle at the EPA could be good news for the energy industry and bad news for environmentalists.

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#2: Aura Metrics: The Inventor Who Wants to Measure Your Vibe


Stanley Jungleib is at the forefront of the field of psychoenergetics — and the race for a commercial mood detector.
Why You Should Care: Because he is seeking to electronically influence the human mood.

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#3: Bombs Away: How the World Nearly Lost Its Real-Life King’s Landing


The Serbian attack almost destroyed King’s Landing decades before the filming of Game of Thrones.
Why You Should Care: If you love Game of Thrones, be thankful Dubrovnik survived a brutal siege.

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#4: Don’t Be You: Ugandan Women Fight Lazy Husbands With $6 ‘Sex Tax’


Married women in Uganda are employing an unlikely weapon against a patriarchal society: demanding money from husbands for sex.
Why You Should Care: Ugandan women are demanding that their lazy, irresponsible husbands either change or pay up for sex.

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#5: The Other Frontierland: Take a Once-in-a-Lifetime Tour of the DMZ


For your next vacation, take a guided tour of the Demilitarized Zone along the border of North and South Korea.
Why You Should Care: “It’s the only place in the world where you can feel this kind of separation and tension.”

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#6: Guided Trips: Do Magic Mushrooms Work Better Than Prozac? She Aims to Find Out


London psychologist Rosalind Watts is convinced psychedelic drugs can provide breakthroughs in treating mental health issues.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s tackling depression and other ailments in unconventional ways.

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#7: Farewell to Arms: Is Military Service Patriotic? America Stands Divided


Exclusive OZY and SurveyMonkey poll: More than a third of Americans don’t see military service as a form of patriotism.
Why You Should Care: Because we’re even struggling to define what it means to be proud Americans.

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#8: Infidelity Bonus: Why Being Cheated On Is Not as Bad as You Think


Cheaters may never win, but those being cheated on might, according to new research. 
Why You Should Care: Science has some encouraging news for anyone who has been cheated on … or thinks they may have been.

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#9: Temple of Savory: No Forks Allowed in This Brisket Haven


Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas, keeps it traditional, and with delectable results.
Why You Should Care: Because this authentic BBQ joint is the place to go in the barbecue capital of Texas.

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#10: Riding Test: Special Briefing: The 2018 Tour de France


Cycling’s biggest and most famous race, the Tour de France, is back for a grueling three-week spin through the French countryside.
Why You Should Care: Because this race will grind your gears.

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