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The Ultimate Hostess Present: BYO Bar

The Ultimate Hostess Present: BYO Bar

By Shannon Sims


Because who doesn’t want to receive a $17K gift?

By Shannon Sims

Hollywood’s top personal shopper, Nicole Pollard, tells OZY what high-high-high-end clients are requesting for the holidays. 

Every holiday party host loves opening the door to a shiny new bottle of wine. But there’s the perennial problem of the frazzled host: not remembering how this stray bottle appeared on their kitchen counter, much less who left it (no credit, ahem). Plus, one night of boozing and your present is done for (read: no lasting memory of how generous a person you are). And if you’re attending a millionaire’s party? No way a bottle’s enough. So out of curiosity we asked Nicole Pollard, Hollywood’s top personal shopper, what her most high-end clients bring to a holiday fete.

It turns out, the ultimate luxe holiday hostess gift is not a bottle of wine, not even a fancy one with a bow on it. It’s the whole damn bar. Waterford, the crystal people, make a stunningly compact little bar for the 1 percent to present at parties. The London Desktop Bar, almost a gift to unwrap itself, emanates classy AF style … we could see it starring in the background of the clinks of a Mad Men episode. But the style is also timeless — and unisex — enough to find a room in even the edgiest homes.

Naturally, packing this much crystal class into a box will cost you.

Inside the illuminated box: two crystal decanters, two highball glasses and two tumblers — a stylish setup for a hardcore negotiation session or taking a date to the next level. Naturally, packing this much crystal class into a box will cost you … as in $17,000. But for the wealthy of the wealthy, the satisfaction of knowing they’ve brought the best holiday-hostess present ever, one the host will reuse again and again and pass on to their privileged kids, might make the bill worth it.


The London Desktop Bar by Waterford comes with two tumblers. Bottoms up!

Source Waterford

But if you’re not a gazillionaire and just, like, a millionaire, there’s another way to leave an indelible impression on a party host this holiday season. Ralph Lauren offers a limited-edition desk-set bar, the Vanderbilt Mixologist Box ($5,000), which crams a crystal ice bucket, mini-utensils galore, a tiny cutting board and even a mixologist drink guide into a rosewood box. 

For the rest of us, well, party givers will probably be thrilled that we even thought to bring that bottle of vino. But you can go that extra mile and gift something they can use for years. Like a $30 Rabbit, a wine opener that makes drinking fun (OK, maybe it’s the wine that does that, but the little Rabbit helps). The gadget and its accompanying foil-cutting kit make cork popping a smooth, gruntless pleasure, something every holiday hostess — even those who can afford a $17K desk-set bar — can use. And if your host hasn’t used their forearms in a bit, there’s always the new electric version (about $30 or less). With these low-market options, you may miss out on the ultimate Mad Men clinking, but you’ll have $16,770 left to spread the holiday cheer.


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