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Because how could you not want your luggage to look this fine?

By Shannon Sims

Hollywood’s top personal shopper, Nicole Pollard, tells OZY what high-high-high-end clients are requesting for the holidays. 

For a frequent flier, life on the go means life in the constant companionship of your carry-on. You probably have a standard black roller, or you may even have upgraded to the four-wheeled spinner version. But what do the folks with the private planes use to lug around their minks and pearls? We asked Hollywood’s top personal shopper, Nicole Pollard, to let us in on the travel accessory all the millionaires have on their holiday wish lists this season. 

But something about this bag, which has been carting the wealthy’s clothes for seven years now, is curiously missing.

The answer? A handsome, stately, sophisticated Orion suitcase, created by the brand better known for scarves and Birkin bags, Hermès. The price tag: a cool $12,000. Made of brushed aluminum and strapped in calfskin (PVC be gone!), the camel-and-silver Orion looks as stylish when it’s toted on its side like a briefcase as it does standing upright. It even has inside pockets for stashing jewels. Plus, the 22-incher meets the requirements for carry-on baggage. But something about this bag, which has been carting the wealthy’s clothes for seven years now, is curiously missing: branding. Gone are the days when the Richie Riches cruised with massive Louis Vuitton cases. “Logo mania,” Pollard says, is way over. “Real luxury comes from how the pieces were made and not the brand name that is slapped on the item.” But let’s be real: You can probably tell from a terminal away that it’s a high-end piece. 

If you’re buying a gift for the world traveler on your holiday list but don’t have thousands to spend, Pollard offers a step down on the budget scale, but a step up on the celebrity-adored scale: Rimowa brand luggage. The German-made, hard-backed, aluminum-and-polycarbon-ridged cases are more discrete than the Orion, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stand out. They’ve been the traveling costars to A-list celebs like Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kanye West … and clock in closer to $500.

But even that might be too much for those of us stuck in coach. Good news: That old-world style (think Carmen Sandiego without the trench) is attainable for a more reasonable price. Delsey’s Chatelet series (starting at $250) offers the camel-strapped look, and you can snag a bag with the hard-backed brushed-aluminum look in Samsonite’s Inova spinner (also for $250). For a bit more Delsey’s Honore+ ($350) series combines the looks. And the good news about buying name-brand luggage? It usually comes with a guarantee, so you can rest assured your stylish gift will live on in spite of baggage-handler abuse. 


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