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Because after waiting three years since his last solo effort, you might as well start digging the new LP now.

By Breed

Whether people are listening to see if he fails, how he doesn’t fail or how far out of the park he hits it, Eminem is in the catbird seat insofar as the “made-you-look” game goes.
If you were to add up all of the units Eminem has sold – 100 million records to date, during a time when many just steal their music — and the number of times people have viewed his videos on his Vevo channel — 2 billion and counting, you’d definitely have some math that would make Shakespeare cry. But Shakespeare is dead, Eminem is not, and the heat coming off of his soon-to-be-newest The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is burning the place up.

The record has a a scheduled release date of November 5. Let me be the first to welcome the 40-year-old Mr. Mathers back to center stage.

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