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The Skinny on the 'Suicide Squad' Movie

The Skinny on the 'Suicide Squad' Movie

By Melanie Ruiz


Because this might be a DC movie sans the fail … but probably not.

By Melanie Ruiz

The reviews are out! And they’re really, really bad. Like Batman v Superman bad. Way to keep consistent, DC!

Nonetheless, Rich and Desmond, our favorite geeks from Whatever Comics in San Francisco, are here to school you on the new DC movie, Suicide Squad. Find out what we know and what we don’t, what they fear and what they hope.

No worries, no spoilers. Get it! (And for all the geek you can handle, listen to Rich and Desmond at the Geek Chat.) 

Find out if they gave the movie a geeks-up or a geeks-down.


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