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The Sex Lube That Keeps Your Gums Healthy

The Sex Lube That Keeps Your Gums Healthy

By Zara Stone



Because brushing your teeth after oral can cut into cuddling time.

By Zara Stone

Do you know what’s in your oral lube? Read the label and you’re bound to find preservatives and sugar — not so great for your teeth if you’re diabetic or if you pay particular attention to what you’re swallowing. But good news: There’s a healthy way to give a blow job — and your dentist might even approve.

Actress Jasmine Ejan loved getting intimate with her boyfriend, but was concerned about the ingredients in the oral lubricants she used. After a blow job she’d run to brush her teeth, which seriously cut into cuddling time. Her solution? Creating Blowpaste, a sugar-free oral sex lube that keeps breath minty fresh and gums clean, packaged in a toothpaste-style tube. Ejan co-founded the CheekyChaCha company with her boyfriend (they’ve since split up) and focused on making a vegan, gluten-free, fun and tasty lube — good for sex, and good for the teeth. Yes, the product you never knew you wanted.

It’s handy for your non-X-rated parts too.

Blowpaste comes in three flavors: Minty Sanchez (the most popular), Cinnamoan and Orangasmic, $7.99 a tube. The product has been shipped across the world, from Australia to Canada, and is stocked in 66 American adult stores.


Blowpaste is not competing with Tom’s of Maine.

Source Blowpaste

The creation process involved a lot of trial and error — suffice it to say that 2013 was an interesting year. Working from her self-dubbed Chicago “Luberatory” apartment, Ejan mixed up recipes till she hit that sweet spot. It has sodium bicarbonate as a cleaning ingredient and aloe vera, which Ejan says is good for digestion. Ejan’s partner was a natural choice for her test subject — he tried every batch she created — but it didn’t always goes well. “Sometimes he had a burning penis,” Ejan says with a laugh, and he’d have to dash off to wash it off. Eventually they settled on a formula that was body-safe. Guys can expect it to feel comfortably slippery.

When it comes to intercourse, though, you might want to stick with a standard lube. Sex educator Charlie Glickman recommends flavored lubricants for oral fun, but says that “some folks find they’re too sticky” for sex. He advises users to keep anything flavored outside of the body. And the flavors might not be for everyone; sucking a cinnamon stick (Cinnamoan) requires someone with epicurean sensibilities.

Blowpaste may also come in handy for your non-X-rated parts. Ejan says that people have told her they’ve used it as hand lotion and lip balm, even as nipple cream. It’s also suggested for massage; the formula includes peppermint oil, which can soothe joints. But it’s not meant to replace toothpaste, Ejan cautions. It’s intended to help you feel fresher after — and during — the act.

Glickman champions the use of lubricant, calling it “one of the most effective and cost-effective ways for people to improve their sex life.” And women have been getting slippery. A report in The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that 66 percent of women have used lubricant, with 50 percent trying it in the last three months.

Whether you blow with the flow or not, if you’re regularly getting some one-on-one action, you have a good thing going. Just spare us the postcoital selfie, OK?


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