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The President Has Been Shot.

The President Has Been Shot.

By OZY Editors


Because everything changed 50 years ago today.

By OZY Editors

Some of us remember exactly where we were that fateful day — the shock, the overwhelming sadness — and how it felt like the world would never be the same. Others are too young and have a hard time imagining that kind of national loss; the only thing that comes close is September 11.

So much has been written and said about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago, on November 22, 1963, that, particularly in the past few weeks, we tend to agree with the heartbreakingly simple sign pasted in the window of a Boston music store the day he was killed, saying: ”Words are insufficient.”


But we are also impressed at how this has become living history, as the country pays tribute to its 35th president. CBS News will livestream its historic coverage in real time, starting today. The New York Times has made its four days of reporting available via an interactive infographic. And theBoston Globe ’s photo series captures the country’s unbearable sadness and grief. In that same spirit, OZY remembers JFK.

Line of African American people facing right with American flag waving above in black and white

Dec. 24, 1963: Young Freedom Riders visit John F. Kennedy’s birthplace in Brookline, Massachusetts. 


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