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The Pitter-Patatap of Little Beats

The Pitter-Patatap of Little Beats

By Eugene S. Robinson

Image of Patatap screen.
SourceCourtesy of Patatap


Because piano lessons are so passé.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Years and years of agonizing music lessons are about to give way to the completely cool-kid-like fun of Patatap, the website that is unlike nearly every website you’re used to encountering.

Have you ever wanted to be a synesthete? Yeah, Patatap can make that happen. 

There are very few cues when you first arrive, almost as if you’ve come to the wrong place — until you’re invited to just tap randomly on your keyboard. That’s right: Pick a key, any key, any sequence, and Patatap responds with bursts of sound, shapes and colors. The experience is as delightful as the first time you banged on some piano keys or clanged on pots and pans and discovered: Hey, I can make noise!

The textbook definition of what it is and does has something to do with sound and video animation developed and delivered via computer interface. In reality, it turns your keyboard into an instrument for making music expressed in both audio and video. Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who see sounds in color and understands color as sound, also known as a synesthete? Yeah, Patatap can make that happen. 

Shawn & Yoshimi of Lullatone in the studio.

Shawn James Seymour & Yoshimi Seymour of Lullatone in the studio.

Source Lullatone

Graphic designer and programmer Jono Brandel, whose day job has him working in design at Google Creative Lab, applied his genius to reinventing how we either waste time or make music on the Web. Brandel developed the site with the composers Lullatone, based in Japan.

We have no idea what other, less narcissistic portions of the world did when they first started messing around with Patatap, but us? We typed in our names for the making of damned-near-beautiful music.

So: It’s not deep (not yet), but it’s fun. And the best and biggest part of the fun has everything to do with what the big brains with lots of down time will come up with using this thing. Perhaps a live concert, with keyboards for all?  

We’ll be there.  

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