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The Game Done Changed

By Datwon Thomas


Because getting your body right gets your mind right … and it can happen in 60 days flat.

Platinum-selling West Coast gangsta rapper The Game has never been predictable. His colorful history includes emerging as a protégé of Dr. Dre, feuding with 50 Cent, doing time and even starring in his own reality show about his love life. Fitness hasn’t been a big theme.

The Game took on the challenge of gaining a six-pack that his son would be proud to point out.

Byrd shirtless outdoors with headsets on looking into camera

The Game’s brother Byrd

“My son called me fat,” says the newly trimmed-down father of two boys and a daughter. “He said, ‘You ain’t got no six-pack like Uncle Byrd.’ I looked at my younger brother Byrd and he was [shrugging his shoulders] like, ‘What you want me to do?’ I was like, ‘I have to do something … tomorrow.’” 

That was late 2012. The very next day, The Game took on the challenge of gaining a six-pack that his son would be proud to point out. He announced on Instagram that he was giving himself 60 days to take what was already an active body and make it more fit by eating right and working out more consistently. He’s taking that unexpected push from his son and turning it into a mission to motivate others through his 60 Days of Fitness program.

The starting point was Runyon Canyon, a popular hiking trail area in Los Angeles where he went for runs with his brother and whoever wanted to join them. Social networking fans dubbed the new venture “60 Days of Fitness,” and The Game ran with it, literally. After posting his whereabouts on social media, The Game found dozens of fans and followers meeting him at the canyon for the early morning workout sessions, and then documenting it with a photo when the group reached the summit.

Even movie stars like actresses La La Anthony and Sanaa Lathan have joined in the movement to get active and in shape. Celebrity chef and fitness fanatic Kane Lieu of submits recipes so followers can pair clean eating with the rigorious workouts.

You can follow the fitness tips via social media to get daily motivation for your exercise routines, everything from spinning classes, hikes, runs and gym visits. Or you can sign up on the website to get exclusive invitations to events, monthly training regimens, diet and meal plans, as well as tips and support. Rates range from $19.99 for 60 days up to yearly passes for $99.99 for the supercommitted.

We’ve all fallen off the path of New Year’s fitness resolutions and could use a push to get past our mental blocks to getting healthier. Just acknowledging that you need to change some bad habits may be the step in the right direction that turns everything around. The Game took what was a personal goal and made it into a viable movement that spawned a website, branded merchandise and more than 76,000 followers on Instagram. He’s committed to helping others fight for fitness. “I’ve seen people lose 200, 300 pounds, man, motivated,” he says. “It’s everything. It’s a site, it’s a lifestyle, it’s people … it’s worldwide, man.” Here’s to a happy new you, folks.

As with any fitness program, consult with your doctor about your personal physical limits and any diet restrictions before diving in.

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