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The Five Most Sinister Places to Have a Cocktail

The Five Most Sinister Places to Have a Cocktail

By OZY Editors


Because there’s a special thrill in drinking dangerously.

By OZY Editors

When you grab drinks at a club, they’re usually served up with a side of thumping music and flashing lights. But what if the club offered a little something extra, like a horrific past or a sinister secret? 

We’ve gathered five of the best places in the world, party locations that bring new meaning to “drinking dangerously.” From a coffin-shaped club built on the site of a massacre to a silver mine turned underground — deep underground — dance palace, here’s where you can get your drink on while also pondering your own mortality. Cheers!

Where You Can Drink a Death-Themed Cocktail in a Former Mortuary

Calling itself Denver’s “finest eatuary,” Linger takes its location as a former mortuary seriously. The decor,  reminiscent of American Horror Story season two, may be somewhat morbid, but the drinks menu cheerfully celebrates life and diversity. Try the Corpse Reviver, for instance, a stirring tipple that, among other ingredients, contains gin and absinthe. If you don’t like spirits of the paranormal kind, best stay away from the stairway. 


An Underground Mexican Club Where Thousands Once Perished

Maybe you’ve partied underground before. But were you whisked through a dark, damp 1,770-foot-long tunnel on a small rattling train to do so? Bar Mina El Edén, which claims to be the second-oldest club in Mexico, can accommodate up to 400 hyped-up, fist-pumping partygoers. And when you find out the dark secret of this space, built on the site of former silver mine, you might have another reason to drink.

A Drink With a Sinister View: The ‘Death Railway’ in Thailand

People don’t come to beautiful Kanchanaburi, Thailand, for the food. They come for front-row seats to the most sought-after view in town: the bridge on the River Kwai. This impressive structure of steel trusses harbors a morbid past, which some come to remember, and others to forget. Hibiscus-decorated cocktail in hand, you can watch a creaky locomotive lurch over the river several times a day — a recurring reminder of the thousands of deaths that occurred here during the railway’s construction.

A Massacre Happened Here. Now It’s the Best Place in Beirut to Party

B018, a club known as the birthplace of Beirut’s electronic music scene, is not actually a bunker, it just resembles one. But it has a darker past as the site of a former Palestinian refugee camp, where hundreds were massacred. To keep the memory alive, the strobe-lit, coffin-shaped club with red velvet curtains brings people together to dance. There’s a special early-morning reward for those still dancing at dawn.

Where You Can Drink in a 500-Year-Old (Unofficial) Bomb Shelter

When you party at Moritzbastei, you have to be OK with losing your way. Not with alcohol-influenced decisions, but with getting physically lost. The 1550s-era labyrinth of tunnels and rooms — a fortress that’s been converted into everything from a bomb shelter to a school — is now a modern-day rave set in a late-medieval dungeon. If you can tune out the pounding bass, you just might hear some of those sorrowful voices from the past make a Wodka Gorbatschow toast.

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