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Because greatness is a place in space you should always be ready for.

By Eugene S. Robinson

OK, here’s the story: Michael Jordan, MJ, His Airness, any name you want to call him really, absolutely ruled the basketball world unchallenged in the 1990s. But at one point in time, actually one moment in time, on one night during one game, a regular player – better than average for sure but no all-star – came along and schooled him and the Bulls with a single dunk. Not just any dunk, but one that seemed to take flight. And therefore: one of the greatest of all time.

It was served boldly and without apology and made the one-time undrafted, grocery-bagging wannabe a New York fan favorite forever. While the Knicks never won the big one with Starks – and indeed some blame him for spoiling their best chance when he went 2 for 18 in the final game of the 1994 NBA Championships – his otherworldly slam will never be forgotten by basketball fans of that era. Ever. With the NBA season kicking off tomorrow, there’s no better time than now to enjoy Starks’ contender moment.

And to complete the chutzpah set, here’s a memorable showdown with another one of his nemeses, Reggie Miller.

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