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Because the artistic validity of music deserves attention even if the music sucks.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Total disclosure: I’ve been playing music for cash since 1980. Total total disclosure: I’ve been writing for cash even longer. So while my bands have been reviewed by everybody, and I’ve written for many who’ve written about my bands, upping one over another is not some creepy quid pro quo. It’s just me giving you the straightest of scoops regarding where I go when I want to know what music I should listen to next.

And the reality is, if the Quietus hadn’t met me first, I for sure would have discovered it while Whipping Through the Web (WTTW). Why/what/how? Simple. The Brits fully embrace, now and for as long as most of us can remember, that music — specifically their music — is a serious export and drives even more serious commerce for Great Britain. They’re earnest about it and don’t leave its development to chance. And part of not leaving its development to chance has to do with a healthy and vibrant music press. 

From the New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Sounds, MOJO and a handful of others, defunct or still kicking, those into music are into it in ways that most Americans are not. And it’s for those people that the Quietus delivers. Smart without being stuffy and with a good set of ears (or dozens, really), it’s like the coolest record store ever. Without the record store’s requisite knee-jerk, too-cool contempt for the consumer. Like a cool older sister or brother.

You like music? Funny, so does the Quietus.


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