The Coolest Websites Without Naked People: Spitfire List

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Why you should care

Because it’s not paranoia if you’re right.

Short attention spans, we’re in the age of them. Even now you’re wondering when we’re going to start wrapping things up. And that’s fine: The answer is soon. However, the reality is there are certain aspects of reality that you need to get a gander at from a vantage point of exhaustive research.

So when you’re Whipping Through the Web (WTTW), that’s where Dave Emory comes in.

A direct, nonfamilial descendant of the likes of Mae Brussell — who was so unsettled by the Kennedy assassination that she cross-referenced every volume of the Warren Commission report to uncover inconsistencies — Emory is, on the face of it, a “radio personality.” A deeper look reveals an exhaustive researcher whose willingness to uncover facts and their connections to uncomfortable conclusions will help you all take a big ol’ bite of non-consensus reality via his Spitfire List website.

Spitfire List casts a wide net, but in detailing who is getting paid by whom, looping in the multinational conglomerates and taking cracks at wondering what the unreported stories connected to what has connected them mean? Emory is doing the work the rest of us news junkies are too lazy to do. That’s the good part.

The bad part? Unless you’re part of the global capital elite, cynicism seems to indicate that even informed resistance is futile. But better to know than not to know. And so, here’s to knowing!

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