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The Coolest Websites Without Naked People: Sherdog

The Coolest Websites Without Naked People: Sherdog

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because outsourcing your time-wasting is a good use of your time.

By Eugene S. Robinson

If you’re reading this far, it’s a safe bet you probably need to read further. Because, while navigating the web is typically as easy as being bored and having a phone, knowing where to navigate is a whole other story. 

How you do it now: hope that the Rube Goldberg-esque connection that has your interest in Precambrian rocks two-stepping you to hard-bodied athletes keeps working well. 

The way you might want to try doing it? Trust that OZY can get you there twice as fast and much more thrillingly. How so? By leaning on our peripatetic editor-at-large Eugene S. Robinson, whose travels across this great green globe of ours are matched only by his colossal dedication to the backwaters of the web — each and every outcropping managing to cater to his craving for the outré.

So come walk awhile with us through this week’s Whipping Through the Web, or WTTW, where we dip deeply into Sherdog for the fights, fight fans and all things martial arts and self-defense related. Started as a bedroom shoppe by one of the mellowest men alive, Jeff Sherwood, it’s been around forever, and despite a big buyout a few years ago is still the go-to spot for anyone who is anyone who has even the slightest idea who Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez, Beneil Dariush and Bethe Correia are. 

Stay a brief bit. You’ll be glad you did.


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