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Because we all gotta wear clothes.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Remember that whole metrosexuality thing? That thing where they tried to conflate men’s interest in shirts without stains to some sort of homosexual derivative either with or without the extra penis? Then there was the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy franchise that was premised on the same sort of idea: the “average” heterosexual man being too much of a stooge to know when and for how long he can wear white?

Well, we’re not so sure about the stooge versus non-stooge quotient in regards to whoever the average man is, but we are quite sure that there’s nothing quite as nice as wearing nice shit that fits and sits on whoever’s wearing it like it was meant to sit. Which is to say it’s nice to not look like a stooge even if you are a stooge. And toward that end? While Whipping Through the Web (WTTW) we found … FashionBeans. 


It’s fashion advice without the snark, and aimed at whatever might amount to a genuine curiosity about not just what looks good but what might look better. And not just for the wearers, but for those who might be purchasing for the wearers and are tired of getting down on Father’s Day with cologne you snatch up at CVS.

So on the road from fashion to style? Stopping by FashionBeans makes some sense since dressing like you’ve been here before is the best cure for a whole host of personal failings in other arenas. By which we mean, you’ll still crash your car because you were texting. But at least you’ll look fabulous while doing it!

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