The Best-Tasting Cookies You Haven't Had Yet

By Datwon Thomas


Because sometimes repackaging your dad’s old style as something new and hot pays off.

It’s amazing how far a sweet tooth can take you. 

And all at the age of 21. Young entrepreneurs Damon “Boogie” Dash II and Luke Pascal are on one profitable path, taking snack craving to commercial heights with their cookie company, Chipz. Being finger-licking good and offering munchie-satisfying greatness in a see-through bag isn’t the products’ only wow factor. ”They’re real cookies, no preservatives so it makes them taste great,” explains Pascal. ”A full heavy taste, all natural.” Topflight ingredients and best-of-market taste will bump you to the front lines in the cookie wars, but smart business is equally essential for a brand to succeed. And that’s where their pedigree kicks in.

Chipz will do your Girl Scout cravings a solid and better.

Both are sons of successful dads: Dash, a club DJ and producer, is the son of uber music mogul and former CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, Dame Dash. Pascal, also a DJ and producer, is the son of Vincent Pascal, longtime successful New York restaurateur. The two young’ns have been best friends since attending junior high at the prestigious Dwight School in midtown Manhattan. 

Currently sold in New York’s iconic grocery and specialty foods mecca Zabar and various boutique spots, Chipz will do your Girl Scout cravings a solid and better. They come in four classic flavors, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Ginger, and then there’s ”Blackout,” a glorious mix of dark chocolate with white chocolate chips. Sample three boxes for approximately $16.99 or go all in for $199.99 and get a year’s worth of cookie-of-the-month shipments via the Chipz website. Sweet deal.

2 guys behind a table topped with cookies in a store aisle

Boogie and Luke at the Fairway sharing their cookies

The boys’ trek began in 2011 with a late-night run to the store after a long day of making beats  at Dame senior’s now-closed art gallery/creative studio haunt. Pascal, longing to satisfy his sugar crush, went hunting for cookies that tasted like the ones served at his dad’s old establishment, Columbus Bakery, on the Upper West Side. He came up empty. So they got cooking and made their own.

The duo started by throwing parties that they both DJ’d. Pascal chased down his dad’s former chef, Viko Ortega (now a co-owner in Chipz and of La Flor Bakery). They had him recreate his signature cookie mix that yields a unique balance of sweet and chocolaty and a texture that’s brittle and crispy on the outside, yet soft and delectable on the inside. They asked an attractive female friend to walk around the party carrying fresh-baked Chipz on a platter. “We sold them for one dollar each and they sold out every time,” says Pascal. 

Those early days led to working their connections. True, the boys don’t come from nothing, but, says Pascal, “We had to learn about all aspects of the industry. Packaging, producing, distribution … It’s been fun to make happen.” 

For the immediate future, there’s lots to come: accessories like cookie bowls and inclusion in high-end restaurants. And then there’s the company mascot, a wide-eyed chipmunk named Gooby. “He’ll be bigger than Mickey Mouse, trust me,” says Dash, without a hint of sarcasm and all brute focus.

Despite having to endure natural growing pains like meeting consumer demands (incorporating the organic ingredient sector into the product) and corporate demands (making the packaging just right for pricing and shelf position), the Chipz team is aiming high. “We’ve got a lot to do, but we’ve done a lot too,” says Pascal. ”We are ready to take on Mrs. Fields and the rest.”  

Now let the chips fall where they may.