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The Best of the Rest of OZY Fest 2018

By OZY Editors


Because creating something with us while we’re creating something never tasted so good.

It’s not so much that we were able to get Grover Norquist and Common on the same stage. Or even that Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Handler held it down while Salman Rushdie told dirty jokes and Roy Choi cooked his ass off.

Nope, anyone could do that — even if no one else really has — right? Wrong. You see, the two-day bacchanal called OZY Fest (July 21–22) was special not because Naomi Campbell, Cynthia Nixon, Marcus Samuelsson and a bevy of celebrity badasses were there, and they were, but because in the place and headspace of the weekend, we — you, us, them — all came together to create it. Block by block, idea on idea, song after song.

Not necessarily perfect but not needing perfection to be great, OZY Fest gave you something to talk about, scream about, think about, argue about and most of all get knuckle-deep into what the headlines only hint at. In other words Hasan Minhaj and Michelle Wolf told jokes but weren’t just there to tell jokes. Rose McGowan wasn’t just there to tell us that Time’s Up but also to put a finer point on the trash that the movement’s been putting out. And Karl Rove wasn’t just there to cross swords with Tom Steyer.

Nah, they were there, like we all were, to take part in a play whose ending was far from being foretold but that we were playing around with telling. So thanks for showing up and digging what we dug.

And now? All the photos from the party that you might have missed. Onward, baby, and without a doubt: upward!


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