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The 6-Second Genius
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Will Sasso is turning Vine into a comedic art form.

By Jonathan Kiefer

The early days of Vine saw a flood of creativity and questions. Was this really going to be a thing? Who, if anyone, would dominate this strange, unasked-for new storytelling medium of looping, 6-second videos? It soon became clear that MadTV veteran comedian Will Sasso, otherwise self-described as “the actor that played the good guy’s friend in that thing,” would be among the new geniuses.

Now, as some time has passed and Sasso’s Vines have proliferated, his true mastery begins to emerge. He’s a sublime talent playing a long game with a short form. 

Case in point: Sasso’s ongoing “Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving” series. He just keeps killing it with this particular bit, all 29 episodes at last count. Shot from the point of view of the hulking Austrian, who is heard but never seen beyond one hand on the steering wheel, stogie wedged between his thick fingers, the Schwarzenegger series proves again and again just how well Sasso understands comedic economy. And absurdity. And characterization. In Sasso’s hands, Vine’s 6-second limit is a powerful antidote to the pervasive sketch-comedy problem of going on too long. It’s a routine you hope will never end. 

He’s a sublime talent playing a long game with a short form. 

A good survey is available in Sasso’s YouTube compilation, or you could follow him on Vine, where you can find a bunch of other good stuff: Steven Seagal countdowns, Robert De Niro reactions and goofy one-offs like Bathtub Michael McDonald. But we think “Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving” will get you where you want to be. Here’s one to get you started.


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