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When a world-renowned beatboxer offers to tell you a story about radiating happiness, it’s time to pull up a chair.

By Rebecca Moreno

Champion beatboxer Shlomo (born Simon Shlomo Kahn) has worked with musicians ranging from Björk to members of The Specials to Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, but he’s a big star in his own right. Dubbed the “Harry Potter of beatboxing” at age 18, Shlomo’s been astounding audiences since his debut in 2002 with his unique techniques and charming stage presence.

Shlomo’s on tour this fall, collaborating with artists of every stripe at each stop and compiling a 15-track charity album, all the proceeds of which will go to War Child.

With just his voice and a loop machine, he conjures a childhood memory in the clip above that, while very specific to his Iraqi-Jewish upbringing in London, rang a bell with my own recollections of being a tiny person mesmerized by all the personalities, sounds and motions of a big family gathering for a good time. Full of life and, in a word: joyful. Pass it on.

Hat tip to the folks at Vimeo who surfaced this clip.

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