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SunBriteTV's Waterproof Television: It's a Nature Lover

SunBriteTV's Waterproof Television: It's a Nature Lover

By Larry "The Blackspot" Hester

Movie Night Under the Stars + Sun


Because now you can be a couch potato in the great outdoors.

By Larry "The Blackspot" Hester

As the weather gets warmer and World Cup season heats up, BBQs and pool parties will become as common as mosquito bites. Instead of having the sports fans at the party head inside to watch the big game, you should keep the festivities going on outside. Praise the Lord.

Meet SunBriteTV’s new Signature Series weatherproof televisions.

Television with tennis player in center

SunBrite TV

What makes the Signature Series the tank it promises to be is a special aluminum that protects the TV’s inner workings from dust, humidity, bugs and the salty air that comes with a day at the beach. Heavy rain won’t hurt them, either — it would take a strong hurricane or total immersion to cause any real damage, says Ian McDonald, a rep for SunBriteTV. Imagine watching a horror movie in the backyard during a thunderstorm or playing the latest blockbuster video game in a patio chair. And another good deal: There’s no need to scramble and lug a heavy TV back into the house before those heavy summer raindrops put a halt on your patio gala.

Fun comes at a price, though: The 32-inch version (on sale now) sells for around $1,500, while the 46-incher (up for pre-order at the end of May) will tap pockets for about $2,900.

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