Stay Ahead of Wall Street at OZY Fest 2017

Stay Ahead of Wall Street at OZY Fest 2017

By James Watkins


Because we have big names talking about big ideas.

By James Watkins

Join us at OZY Fest on July 22 in New York City’s Central Park to rock, think, laugh and eat, courtesy of Jason Derulo, Malcolm Gladwell, Samantha Bee and Eddie Huang, among many others. Find out more and get tickets at

OZY is proud to keep you ahead of the markets with coverage of the trends and people changing the worlds of business, finance and economics. Next month, these conversations will continue in person at OZY Fest 2017 with a star-studded lineup of business leaders who will be discussing forward-looking, thought-provoking and provocative questions about the future of work, what it takes to get ahead, the role of business in politics and society, and more.

In addition to chart-toppers and celebrity chefs, OZY Fest 2017 will serve up a diverse array of special guests in business, from billionaire Shark Tank star Mark Cuban to Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe. We’re also excited to welcome entrepreneur Sarah Kauss, founder and CEO of water bottle manufacturer S’well; entrepreneur and investor Joseph Sanberg of Aspiration and Blue Apron fame; and investor extraordinaire Michael Moe.

Below is a roundup of some of the conversations that OZY is leading in business — and how OZY Fest 2017 will take them to the next level. 

How to Get Ahead in the Changing Workplace

The future is now, and it’s brought some big changes to your 9-to-5. Big change also brings big, important questions: What happens when bosses can track where you look and advertisers can track what you look like?

As organizations try to prioritize diversity and increasingly acknowledge the significance of reducing implicit biases, what is the next step after so-called blind hiring? Do female-only networks help or hinder women in the workplace? 


How Tech Is Changing the Future of Your Wallet

Hot on the heels of Uber in transportation and Airbnb in accommodation, the finance industry is (finally) going mobile. Soon, you won’t need credit cards and you’ll be able to invest your money ethically with the swipe of a finger.

Silicon Valley techies are beating D.C. politicians in designing the future of retirement for millennials; meanwhile, some fintech startups are prioritizing branding over financials.

The Future of Main Street

Entrepreneurial innovation isn’t just limited to the glitzy coasts — Middle America is getting in on the action too. Independent hardware stores and banks are making small sexy again by fighting against the homogenization of big brands. Meanwhile, pioneering individuals, from venture capitalists to social entrepreneurs, are fighting to save small towns and inner cities.

The Evolution of the Side Hustle

The daily grind has never looked so different. Though streams of income on the side have been around forever — whether it was prostitution or DIY with neighbors — the digital economy is transforming the side hustle. Network marketing and travel hacking have already taken off — but strap yourself in for the ascent of the Airbnb of computing.

Going Global

OZY has also taken you on a business trip to far-flung corners of the globe, from rising giant Brazil to plucky fintech hot spot Dublin. We’ve introduced you to the woman bringing Lagos to the world and to the young investor putting Vietnam on the map.

So come check out OZY Fest 2017, where we’ll look at the new and next in business with Mark Cuban, Whitney Wolfe, Sarah Kauss, Joe Sanberg, Mike Moe and more. Get your tickets at