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Some Good News You Might Have Missed ...

Some Good News You Might Have Missed ...

By James Watkins

Children at a playground in New Zealand, which continues to record no new cases of COVID-19.
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Because there’s a lot of hurt in the world. But there’s a lot of good in it too.

By James Watkins

Good news can seem hard to come by these days. Whether it’s public health woes, racial injustice, political strife, you name it.

At OZY, we believe that there’s so much more interesting stuff going on in the world than we typically hear about. Most of the media covers 1% of what’s happening on planet Earth at any given time, such that we forget to talk about the 99%. OZY was created to live in the 99%, bringing you nothing other than fresh stories and new perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. In doing so, we never set out just to tell “good” news — far from it — but some of our loyal readers tell us that’s exactly what they come to OZY for. Why the dissonance? We figure it’s because there actually is more good sh*t happening in the world than bad sh*t — and by focusing on the 99%, we (humbly) think we’re bringing you a more accurate reflection of the world around you.

We’re not just heady optimists. As Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker prominently argued in his 2018 book, Enlightenment Now, we’re currently living in the healthiest, safest, most prosperous period in human history. That’s certainly not to say that everyone shares in the prosperity, or even that everyone is heading in the right direction, but the average human on the planet has a higher income and a more nutritious diet, is better educated and lives longer in 2020 than ever before. 

Of course, we certainly don’t want to undermine the weight of the current moment. Now perhaps more than at any time in recent decades, what’s happening in that 1% of the conversations we’re having in the media is of fundamental importance. It may be small mercy, but there’s some sense of progress here too — racism and police violence are, sadly, nothing new; now we are at least starting a conversation about it. Glacial pace movement, but movement nonetheless.

And so, in the spirit of hope — and the spirit of providing some minor relief from the heavy headlines of the past few days — here is some of the good news you might have missed:

  • Police chiefs in cities like Camden, New Jersey, and Flint, Michigan, took off their helmets and marched with protesters.
  • Ferguson, Missouri, the location of the 2014 fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police, elected Ella Jones its mayor this week — the first Black person and first woman to hold that role.
  • The world’s largest all-electric plane, capable of carrying nine people, took its maiden flight last week over Washington state.
  • Researchers at Tulane University School of Medicine have identified a gene that causes breast cancer to rapidly grow — and figured out how to turn it off.
  • South Korea sent 10,000 masks and other PPE to the Navajo Nation to thank them for their service during the Korea War 70 years ago — when around 800 members of the Navajo Nation used their native language to encode secret radio messages.
  • Sweden has closed its last coal-fired power station two years earlier than originally planned.
  • New Zealand is on the verge of totally eradicating the coronavirus within its territory, reporting just one known active case.

Do you have additional good news stories that we’ve missed that you’d like to share with us? Let us know at

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