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Sleep trackers are nothing new, but this gadget seamlessly integrates into your bedroom — and you don’t have to wear a darn thing.

By Vignesh Ramachandran

Before you write off sleep trackers as yet another 21st-century gizmo that delivers too much information for our own good, consider this: We spend about a third of our life asleep. Nowadays people use gadgetry to track their steps, calories, budgets and — yes — even plants. Why not smarten up something that’s so fundamental to your health?

Sleep trackers aren’t new. Fitness wearables like the Fitbit trackers, Jawbone’s UP and Misfit Shine can do it. So can Beddit, a thin film sensor you place beneath your sheets. But the new Sense tracker transforms sleep-tracking savvy into something sexy and spherical that you don’t even have to wear. It’s modern art for your nightstand.

Sense is a Nest-like bedside device that spends the night analyzing your bedroom’s environment: light, temperature, humidity, noise and air particles. The companion gadget — Sleep Pill — is a small sensor that you clip to your pillow, so it can track your sleep by detecting movement. The idea is that the system wirelessly marries both these data sets in an app (iPhone and Android versions), delivering proof of how soundly you’re sleeping and, if you’re not, what might be the culprit.

At last, an objective third party to back up complaints about your partner’s snoring and cover stealing!

Every morning, you get a score out of 100 for how well you slept. If you’re being docked points for, say, noise disturbances or lighting issues, in theory you’ll be motivated to resolve those problems and eventually bump your Sleep Score toward a full 100.

Couples can use the system with a second Sleep Pill so they can track their own sleep and find out if or how much they’re disturbing each other’s sleep. At last, an objective third party to back up complaints about snoring and cover stealing!

With its built-in speaker, Sense can also serve as a smart alarm. Just set the time you’d ideally like to wake up, and the Sleep Pill — which knows the instant you start to stir — can help awaken you a few minutes earlier than the alarm, rather than at the precise time you selected. You might be in deep sleep then. 

Hello, the San Francisco company behind Sense, has been hugely successful with its ongoing Kickstarter campaign; with just a couple days left to go, backers have pledged more than $2.1 million. You can get Sense and a Sleep Pill on Kickstarter for $99, a bit cheaper than the preorder price of $129. Hello expects to start shipping the product in November.

Which is just in time for winter — aka the season of hibernation.


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