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Taking the long way home.


Because the world has eyes and at least two of them are yours.

By Eugene S. Robinson

You’re in New Delhi. You’re locked down in New Delhi. You’re in the middle of a mass of people trying to flee New Delhi and COVID-19, starvation and deepening poverty.

Welcome to See/Here, the newest side street of Good Sh*t, where seeing is believing. Photos by Vijay Pandey.

Photo 20

Social distancing? Not for the poor.

Source Vijay Pandey

Photo 16_17

Migrant workers on their way home.

Source Vijay Pandey

photo 32

These shops haven’t gone out of business, but they are closed for business for now.

Source Vijay Pandey

Photo 22_38

Left: Wage workers and the homeless waiting for food. Right: An eerily empty Connaught Place.

Source Vijay Pandey

photo 39

Should we stay or should we stay go now?

Source Vijay Pandey

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