Why you should care

Because keeping your private life private is probably better for all concerned. 

Porn has about as much to do with real sex as Twinkies have to do with dining.

Sometimes canned, sometimes clumsy and only rarely truly sexy, modern pornography still manages to be between a $10 and $12 billion industry in the U.S., $97 billion worldwide. We did some quick math and figure that means: a LOT of people are watching porn. And yet, if you’re reading this at work and you turn around and ask your three nearest co-workers if they enjoy porn and use it to … relax, the faster-than-you-can-finish-your-question answer will be “No.”

But a skeptical look-see on their browsers is so likely to turn up uncomfortable search histories that a team of no fewer than five ex-Google employees decided to do something about it. That something is Boodigo. It’s a search engine that gets the very busy porn searcher to his or her particular poison faster, without having to wade through pages of non-adult content, and without leaving a compromising trail of breadcrumbs.

Not only will this dedicated porn search engine keep your regular search history squeaky clean, Boodigo is promising to keep you and your system safe from the spyware, pop-ups and viruses that prey on porn-purveying sites. And perhaps most importantly for some: Boodigo claims it will not harvest your data — no cookies, no tracking — unlike just about every other major search engine.

Boodigo is betting there’s demand for a better way to find the porn you want.

The truism goes that porn has been driving innovation in the tech industry since the Internet began. Credit due or not, industry leaders give adult content the cold shoulder: whether it’s Steve Jobs who was absolutely not interested in seeing Apple become a platform for smut, or the way “safe search” results will always steer you away from explicit content and toward family-friendly fare.

But when you look up Romancing the Bone — like we know you’re going to — there’s no worry that Boodigo will offer up the Michael Douglas romantic-comedy-thriller Romancing the Stone. Instead you can expect neatly categorized listings of porn stars, styles and subjects, from the Web or just searching Tumblr — and all of it only from the copyright holders. No pirated porn allowed.

Boodigo is betting there’s demand for a better way to find the porn you want, and with online adult entertainment continuing to proliferate and the porn industry feeling a skosh more upbeat about its prospects than it has for years, it might be the perfect moment for those in search of … relaxation. Even if Boodigo is still in its early stages and just trying to find its footing.

“It’s a solid idea,” said Michael Voss, former GM at San Francisco’s porn pioneers Gamelink. “How they get real traffic and adoption will be the challenge, since this isn’t the first of these: Remember Booble? But maybe this will be a nice billing platform for a pay-for-click program. Though it might be kind of like Pandora: a cool thing that, if it’s lucky and finds the right audience, could do gangbusters.”

Yup. We mean, if you actually like that sort of thing.

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