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When you need the motivation to win, Ray Lewis is your man.

A hulking football player is the last person you expect to spout a compelling philosophy of life. But on a spring day last year, Ray Lewis, a former nobody turned all-star football player, offered up some of the most thoughtful advice I’ve ever heard. It really was a stunning piece of philosophical musing. As he encouraged the Stanford men’s basketball team onward in their improbable quest for a national title, he raised the idea that the way to win in life is to constantly re-create yourself so that even your most careful opponents can never really prepare for you.  

How aggressively should you reinvent yourself? Ray has an answer for that – a powerful one.  

So, while Socrates, Nietzsche and others are better known philosophers, do yourself a favor: Put aside any presumptions and really listen to what this former Baltimore Raven, now an ESPN contributor, has to say. No wonder this guy won two Super Bowl rings and is widely regarded as one of the best NFL players of all time.

As for Stanford, the men’s basketball team won that game and advanced to the National Invitation Tournament for the first time since 1991. Two days later, Stanford won that one, too. 


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