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Princess Di Is Still Dead

Princess Di Is Still Dead

By Breed


Because while time is infinite, yours is not.

By Breed

The world was captivated by Princess Diana. She was married to Prince Charles. Who cheated on her. And she subsequently got into charity, boyfriends and, unfortunately, a car wreck.

And speaking of car wrecks … Diana, a movie starring Naomi Watts as the late princess (she died August 31, 1997, at the age of 36 while fleeing paparazzi with her boyfriend) is very close to that. Not content with an Elton John song commemorating her passing, director Oliver Hirschbiegel made this movie. Along with a bunch of other people, who all had to endure an opening weekend that saw the movie pulling in $64,000

Yes: $64,000 from 38 theaters, $7 million from the rest of the planet.

Sadly, my $10 contributed to that stunning total and possibly validated all of the bad dialogue and the sleepwalky take on an accidental royal who could wave really well.

To quote Saturday Night Live’s Leonard Pinth Garnell, “There, that wasn’t so good now, was it?”

No. No, it was not.

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