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Power Projection

Power Projection

By Eugene S. Robinson


Because visual projection is witchcraft. The good kind.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Say hello to the Aiptek MobileCinema i55, a pico (that means teeny tiny for the rest of us) projector and built-in battery-pack combo of cinematic joy. Which under normal circumstances would not wow us at all, but we’re gadget geeks and anything that lets us skip the theater and still get the theater experience is, well, delightful.

Weighing in at about 5.6 ounces and able to plug right into your iPhone 5 or whatever, it blasts a 5-foot-plus image of what’s on your screen onto the wall. It’s so cool that words barely exist to explain why minimizing your mass just got good.


But here it is simply put: This is big-screen projection TV without the screen or the TV. Off of your phone.

So if you’re older than 25, right now you’re agog. And if you’re under 25, you’re wondering why we’re agog.Mac-Talks loved it and estimated that the picture generated by the i55, already great in earlier versions, ”looks better than previous generation models we’ve seen in years past.”

Let’s recap: Major motion pictures streaming over your PHONE and with a plug-in gizmo that actually powers said phone for up to two hours while projecting the entire flick, big as life, anywhere you want, as clear as, well… as something that’s pretty clear. Totally cool. And available at a price point less than the $300 you may have paid for the phone, and available anywhere there’s Internet.

OK, we don’t have flying cars and hover boards yet, but this is great. Mighty great. And just about picture perfect.


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