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Just because you can charge your phone with a pair of pants doesn’t mean you should. 

By Brian Benton

The first portable mobile-phone charger debuted at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in 2001, and in the past decade the market has exploded. As a way to differentiate from the millions of battery pack options available (this isn’t an exaggeration — there are actually millions of portable chargers available on Amazon), a number of companies have developed new, alternative methods for charging your phone. 

From the useful (wirelessly and water) to the seemingly useless (with a toaster), it’s hard to not get sucked in by the bizarre appeal of some of the newer charging devices. But determining which methods actually work and are worth the cost can be a bit tougher. To get some context, we sent Matt and Kenyon to the streets to test three of the devices OZY has featured in the past year. Watch how the Siva Cycle Atom, Phaz Music P2 and the Flamestower hold up against the good old-fashioned portable battery pack.


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