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By Kate Crane

Every other week, our Performance editor shares what’s happening in her earbuds.

Bah, humbug. Um, somebody around here had to say it. Look elsewhere for a playlist decked out in retro tunes  on Santa Claus and mistletoe — which is, by the way, an obligate hemiparasitic plant. Mistletoe is a fucking parasite. What does that say about Christmas? Here’s some of 2015’s best upbeat — and non-reindeer-related — music.

Going by Spotify, Jain’s fan base is in Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Barcelona, and Chile. Time for the rest of the world to get in on the fun of this 23-year-old global singer-songwriter-composer, who’s based in France but grew up all over, including the Congo, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche had his first big hit in 2002, at age 20. Since then, there have been nine albums and a slew of EPs. These days he lives in the world capital of hip: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His Despite the Night EP is six takes on one song, each amplifying and teasing out different aspects of an airy pop track that pulses with mystery. I’ve been pairing strong coffee with this remix by 18-year-old Norwegian producer Niilas for weeks. You too could be the woman who bounces in place at her jury-rigged stand-up desk.


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