OZY Looks Back on a Year of Food

OZY Looks Back on a Year of Food

By Barbara Fletcher

The virtual buffet is open. Feast with your eyes (and you won’t gain a pound).


Because these tasty stories are meant to be devoured with your eyes.

By Barbara Fletcher

Food, glorious food. Sure, you might be nursing a carb hangover from all your holiday eating, but we’ll bet you’re still hungry for more. Not more food necessarily, but for more news about what we put into our bodies and what it brings to our minds and souls. (And OK, maybe you’re still craving a bit more delicious stuff to eat).

As 2019 winds down, we’re looking back at the best of food on OZY. These stories remind us where our food comes from and where it’s headed in the future, reflect on eats with a meaty message and offer up some tasty options for 2020.

Today we’re devoting OZY’s Daily Dose to mouthwatering stories from the past year. The virtual buffet is open. Feast with your eyes (and you won’t gain a pound).

First off, the humble pineapple is having a significant impact on immigration to Europe from Guinea. Thousands of migrants once fled the West African nation, but cultivating the tasty tropical fruit is helping end that. Switching to grains, quinoa has been having a moment — not just on your plate but also in the fields of more than 100 countries. And it’s not just because the superfood is increasing in popularity; there’s a climate connection too.

Onto another buzzy health craze: weed. Dietitian and nutritionist (and cannabis evangelist) Laura Lagano is working to get cannabis into our diet to help with medical conditions. And a couple in North Carolina are turning leftover groceries — essentially wasted food — into menu items and cocktails targeted at the wealthy. Bon appétit!

The economy is often closely tied to food, but sometimes its creation is rooted in upheaval or scandal. This year we brought you the When Food Gets Political series, which explores everything from “two-faced” cookies that mock a politician to the reason why Iran is turning to carb-rich potatoes to stave off protests and hunger.

Speaking of carbs, did you know that fettuccine Alfredo was created to help combat a common pregnancy ailment, or that Volkswagen’s best-selling product is made from pork (hint: It’s sausage-shaped)? Those are just a couple of the tasty tidbits we dished up that you can share at your next dinner party.

If you’re planning on traveling in 2020, you’ll want to know where to get the best nosh. This year we explored the best (and most stomach-safe) of Bolivian food stalls, toured the hidden hub of Turkish cuisine in London, checked out a cheese-lover’s festival in Panama, watched an ancient Iranian bread baking method and learned how to find a scrumptious — and supercheap — feast in Prague.

We also sampled melt-in-your-mouth koeksisters (sweet braided doughnuts) from South Africa, the best fried fish in Punjab and two mayo-drenched delights: a cold Argentine holiday feast and a Mexican hot dog wrapped in bacon. An added bonus: a superboozy Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Full yet?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this culinary tour through some of the most delectable stories we’ve served up this year. There’s so much more to come in 2020.