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From coffee that cares to the Uber of education, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

Women made history in the U.S. midterm elections this week with the youngest-ever woman, first Muslim women and first Native American women elected to Congress. There was also some good news for the planet: Holes in the ozone layer, discovered in the 1980s, are healing and could be completely closed in the next few decades. What helped? People and companies took action to phase out those nasty CFCs. And in the search for cleaner fuel, scientists have created a bacteria-covered “bionic mushroom” that generates fossil-free electricity. Fungus — and future — forward!

We’ve rounded up some more Good Sh*t for you: Our favorite stories on OZY this week. Treat yourself to a comfortable chair and a tasty beverage and enjoy some great reads. 

No. 1: In the Spotlight: The Shifting States of America: Election Surprises From Blue Kansas to Trifectas

Why You Should Care:  Medicaid, voting rights, unions and pot are all new realities for these U.S. states. 

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No. 2: Sip of Hope: The Chicago Coffeehouse That Offers a Shot of Psychology

Why You Should Care:  The Windy City is known for its independent coffee shops, but this Logan Square cafe with a purpose stands out. 

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No. 3: Size Matters: When Football Players Go Pro, Their Balls Get Bigger

Why You Should Care:  Did you know the footballs used in college and pro games are different sizes?

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No. 4: Listen Up: The New Female Rocker That Both Punks and Pop Tarts Will Love

Why You Should Care: Existing in an ethereal space between rock and pop, Kississippi channels Liz Phair and Lorde while also adding a new voice to the genre.

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No. 5: Flashback: When Two Pot-Smoking Farmers Faced Off With the FBI

Why You Should Care:  Tom Crosslin fought for the legalization of marijuana, but the ambitious pot advocate and his life partner were gunned down in Michigan long before his dreams came true. 

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No. 6: Rethinking Education: Is Unschooling the Uber of Education?

Why You Should Care:  Rather than putting children in a box, we need to creatively show them how to think outside it.

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No. 7: Meet: Can One Catholic Priest Put an End to 36 Years of War?

Why You Should Care:  Father Angelo Romano has become renowned as a peace builder in West Africa. Can he work his magic in Senegal?

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No. 8: Trump’s Triumphs: Trump Forces Big Pharma to Swallow a Bitter Pill

Why You Should Care:  The president has been tougher on drug companies than Barack Obama on an issue that animates voters of all political stripes.

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No. 9: Double-Take: Look Closer: Just Enjoying Some Outdoor Yoga, Right? Wrong!

Why You Should Care:  It looks like an outdoor calisthenics class, or maybe a recess in which every child is reprimanded and told to keep their head down. But a closer look reveals …

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No. 10: Good Sh*t: Visiting South Africa? Don’t Miss the Most Botanically Biodiverse Place on Earth

Why You Should Care:  Visitors flock to popular Kirstenbosch, but the real garden star is its unassuming younger sibling.   

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No. 11: Power of Place: The New Mexican Revolution? Women-Only Workplaces

Why You Should Care: Women are beginning to drive Mexico’s entrepreneurial spirit. Now, they have workspaces to help them do it.   

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