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From 3D-printed vacation homes to a badass milkshake stand, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week the GOP claimed victory in a Florida vote recount, President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts engaged in an extraordinary public spat, the European Union and the United Kingdom agreed on post-Brexit cooperation and a new sheriff was elected at Interpol. Scientists have discovered an Idaho-size network of termite mounds, visible from space, and a 23-year-old won a top prize for designing an inexpensive bamboo home that can be built in four hours. 

Now that you’ve digested your Thanksgiving feast, it’s time for some relaxation and great reading. To show our thanks for you, dear readers, we’re sharing our favorite stories from the week. Find a comfortable chair and indulge in some meaty stories (with zero calories). 

No. 1: In the Spotlight: Could Your Next Holiday Home Be 3D Printed?

Why You Should Care: While Washington debates a ban on 3D-printed guns, others are using the same technology to help rebuild lives.

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No. 2: Tech Tactics: Welcome to the App-Based Resistance … Used by Both Sides

Why You Should Care: From peer-to-peer texting and emails to voter data, these organizations are vital to political organizers. And both sides are lapping it up. 

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No. 3: Pot Positive: From Executions to Embrace, Southeast Asia Turns the Page on Pot

Why You Should Care: Canada and Uruguay have grabbed the world’s attention with their legalization of marijuana. But it’s in Southeast Asia that the revolution is really spreading.

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No. 4: Only in Florida: This Badass Fruit and Milkshake Stand Started With the Best Sign Ever

Why You Should Care: It was an ingenious marketing plan — borne out of desperation in the 1950s — that launched this must-see menagerie near the Everglades. 

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No. 5: Scenes of the Crime: Don’t Rely on Facebook Data to Predict Crime

Why You Should Care: Contrary to current fads, data mining may not be knowledge discovery, but little more than noise discovery.

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No. 6: The Huddle: Why Older QBs Are Striking Gold at the Same Time as Millennials

Why You Should Care: Tom Brady may be the greatest-ever quarterback to play in the NFL. But others of his generation aren’t quitting soon either. 

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No. 7: Eyes in the Skies: How Drones Help Fight Eastern European Corruption

Why You Should Care: These devices are helping activists expose what authoritarian regimes and oligarchies have long kept carefully hidden.   

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No. 8: Meet: Mexico’s ‘First Lady of the Disappeared’ Is Prepared to Forgive

Why You Should Care: Four of Maria Elena Herrera’s sons are among the thousands of missing people. Yet she’s willing to exchange forgiveness for answers. 

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No. 9: Turkey Bowl: That Time I Played Football With Bill Clinton on Thanksgiving

Why You Should Care: When the former president turned up at our touch football game, things got very interesting.

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No. 10: Remember This: When Nostalgia Was Considered a Debilitating Disease

Why You Should Care: It’s now recognized as a universal, and even psychologically beneficial, feeling. But that wasn’t always the case.   

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No. 11: Look Closer: A Tale of Destruction From the Air

Why You Should Care: This infrared satellite imagery shows the haunting extent of the damage inflicted by the Woolsey fire.

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