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From an anti-aging pill to a bizarre tourist stop, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week in the news, devastating wildfires continue to ravage California, Florida election results still hang in the balance and the U.K. takes a step forward in inking a Brexit deal. The world also lost the comic book genius Stan Lee and found out that Amazon has tapped New York City and Virginia for its new headquarters.  

We can look to the seas and skies — and even our toilets — for more interesting finds this week. A new “ghost” galaxy has been discovered orbiting the Milky Way, and a so-called “super Earth” could potentially be orbiting one of our planet’s nearest stars. A new app called OrcaSound lets us listen to killer whales in real time. And thanks to something called purple bacteria, human waste can be converted into clean hydrogen energy. 

And here is some more Good Sh*t for you: our favorite stories on OZY this week. Find a comfortable spot and a tasty beverage and tuck into some great reads. 

No. 1: Spotlight: El Chapo Is on Trial. So Business for His Cartel Is Booming

Why You Should Care: From selling record levels of new drugs to splitting rival gangs, the Sinaloa cartel is growing while its iconic founder goes to court. 

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No. 2: Turn Back Time: Will the Government Block This Geneticist From Selling an Anti-Aging Pill?

Why You Should Care: David Sinclair aims to create a drug that will slow and eventually reverse the aging process. Then there’s another battle.

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No. 3: Stinky Stop: Why You Should Visit Florida’s Wild Center for Skunk Ape Research

Why You Should Care: This space, dedicated to a smelly Bigfoot-like beast, is not quite what its name suggests.

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No. 4: The Huddle: Who’s the NFL’s Most Effective Linebacker? You Might Be Surprised

Why You Should Care: This job is harder than ever. That doesn’t faze Baltimore’s C.J. Mosley.

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No. 5: Meet: The Networking Platform Bigger Than LinkedIn for College Students

Why You Should Care: With Handshake, Garrett Lord aims to give students from every American college access to top jobs. 

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No. 6: Purple Haze: When the Government Said Marijuana Made You Crazy

Why You Should Care: As marijuana laws get less restrictive, it’s instructive to go back to the days when weed was considered pure evil.

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No. 7: Downhill Dreams: How China Plans to Double the Number of Skiers Worldwide

Why You Should Care: China’s ramping up its winter sports game — but it can’t expect all those skiers to stay on Chinese slopes. 

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No. 8: Sit, Bug, Sit: Could Bacteria Save the Planet? Yes — If She Can Train Them

Why You Should Care: Sarah Richardson is training bacteria to break down the tons of waste accumulating on planet Earth. 

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No. 9: Need to Know: At Home and Abroad: the Growing Contradictions of Silicon Valley

Why You Should Care: American tech firms are facing a rising conflict between profit-making overseas and the values they espouse at home.

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No. 10: Opinion: Why Small Towns Benefit Most From Major Sporting Events

Why You Should Care: When done right, large sports events can be cash cows for small towns.

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No. 11: Funny Fake Ads: Behind the Scenes With Britain’s Rogue Satirical Artist

Why You Should Care: Foka Wolf is pranking Birmingham with hilarious fake advertising posters — and people are paying attention.   

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