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From the NFL’s most productive player to a breakdancing youth leader, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week in money, one hand takes — the Trump family has dodged $500 million in taxes from family gifts, according to a New York Times investigation — and the other hand gives away … well, pays out: Amazon has agreed to a $15 hourly wage for 250,000 regular employees. (Sen. Bernie Sanders is after McDonald’s to follow suit.)

Regardless of what you have, or haven’t, in the bank, there is richness to be found in a good story. And we have 10 of them for you. Relax and settle in with some great reading: our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: In the Spotlight: Why the Battle Over Dementia Patients on Death Row? Better Lawyers

Why You Should Care: Because changing technology, training and norms are affecting an aging death row population.

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No. 2: Rescue Mission: How ‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ Saved This African Park

Why You Should Care: After its animal population was decimated by civil war, this national park airlifted elephants and giraffes to help restore it.

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No. 3: Good Sh*t: The Beachside French Cathedral With Nearby Kitesurfing and Nude Sunbathing

Why You Should Care: Sand-covered visitors could be forgiven for not noticing this hidden, ancient church.

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No. 4: Oui, C’est Vrai: In France, McDonald’s — Not the Bistro — Is King

Why You Should Care: Despite the country’s reputation for fine dining, France’s most popular fast-food chain’s market share is only rising.

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No. 5: Meet: A Breakdancing Youth Leader Works to Lure Kids Away From Honduran Gangs

Why You Should Care: Juan Carlos Enamorado chose hip-hop over the Barrio 18 gang. Now he’s paving the way for others.

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No. 6: Hello?: Should Countries Profit Each Time You Buy an iPhone? This Economist Says Yes

Why You Should Care: Mariana Mazzucato thinks the government should get a cut when it backs technologies that turn massive profits.

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No. 7: Balancing Act: This Running Back Is the NFL’s Most Productive Player … Ever

Why You Should Care: As a rookie, the New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara swiftly broke the NFL’s efficiency record. What’s in store for him in Year 2?

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No. 8: Herstory: Remembering the Pregnant Teen Renegade of Martinique

Why You Should Care: Lumina Sophie dite Surprise, once nearly forgotten, is now a celebrated figure because she fought — and died — for equality.

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No. 9: Need to Know: How the World’s Most Murderous Country Halved Its Killings in Five Years

Why You Should Care: Other nations could learn from Honduras, but there may be a catch.

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No. 10: Yes You Can: Fall in Love With the News Again

Why You Should Care: OZY’s co-founder and CEO talks about where his love of the news came from — and how we can rekindle yours.

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