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From robot prejudice to small-space composting, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote and President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison. We also learned that your apps know a little too precisely where you’ve been and that city frogs are sexier than country frogs.

We’ve rounded up some more Good Sh*t  for you: our favorite stories on OZY this week. Treat yourself to a comfortable chair and a tasty beverage and enjoy some great reads.

No. 1: Future Fear?: Could Robots Develop Prejudice on Their Own?

Why You Should Care: Because prejudice in groups can develop easily, and that has some scary consequences for how the artificially intelligent machines of the future might act.

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No. 2: Trump’s Triumphs: Trump Is Delivering the Obamacare Savings That Obama Only Promised

Why You Should Care: While the 2010 law was supposed to reduce health insurance costs, it’s taken a new administration to make that a reality.

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No. 3: Break It Down: How to Compost in Less Than 500 Square Feet

Why You Should Care: Bokashi composting is a game-changer for small-apartment dwellers (and people who need things to be really easy).

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No. 4: The Huddle: The Surprising Hotbed for NFL Recruits

Why You Should Care: Turns out Texas isn’t the national MVP when it comes to sending players to the NFL.   

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No. 5: Meet: Georgia’s Trailblazing French-Born President Has an Uneven History With Russia

Why You Should Care: As the former Soviet state vies for Western integration, it turns to former foreign minister Salome Zurabishvili.

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No. 6: Need to Know: Why China’s ‘Marshall Plan’ Is Scaring the Neighbors

Why You Should Care: Countries in China’s neighborhood are pulling out, reviewing or scaling down Belt and Road projects.

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No. 7: #MeToo Movement: Asian Ride-Sharing Apps Speed Up to Cut Men Out of Equation

Why You Should Care: From Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, ride-sharing apps catering to women are emerging — and growing fast.  

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No. 8: Laughing Matters: Inside the Art of the Anti-Stand-Up Comic

Why You Should Care: Cory Sklar is not terribly interested in punchlines, and therein lies the key to his comedic genius.

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No. 9: Photo Essay: The Magical Horse Dancing of Uttar Pradesh

Why You Should Care: Horses dressed in fine costumes have seven minutes to wow the crowds with their moves. 

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No. 10: Pooping Public Transport: The First Buses in the World Were in Paris (and They Ate Hay)

Why You Should Care: Before the MTA and the automobile, philosopher Blaise Pascal created the concept … of the bus. 

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