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From cafés selling toilet paper to a food rescue face-lift, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

As the world continues to weather the coronavirus pandemic, we’re learning how some companies are pivoting to try to weather the crisis. Bakeries and restaurants, for example, have reopened as ad hoc grocery stores in urban areas, and food redistribution services are picking up donations on demand. We also explored how physical distancing is affecting religious practices and how we work.

In other (more uplifting) news, we met a young developer whose love of wildlife watching spawned a lucrative business and a raunchy drag queen comic who is bringing big laughs to Pakistan.

Here are our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Pandemic Pivot: The New Café Order: One Toilet Paper Roll and a Dozen Eggs

Why You Should Care: Local cafés are selling basic groceries to stay afloat, and to serve customers through the crisis.

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No. 2: On-Demand Sharing: The ‘DoorDash’ for Leftover Food Takes Flight Amid New York Lockdown

Why You Should Care: In the gig economy, food can be donated whenever you want.

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No. 3: Provocateur: This Vigilante Says He’s Fighting Terrorism. Is He Also Backing Massacres?

Why You Should Care: Boureima Nadbanka is taming a lawless stretch of Burkina Faso, but security comes at a cost.

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No. 4: Remote Control: Coronavirus Closes Sports Venues, Opens Door for Creative Fan Engagement

Why You Should Care: It will probably be months before players and fans physically interact again, so the sports world is looking to innovate digitally.

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No. 5: Animal Tracks: This Whiz Kid Developer’s Virtual Safari Guide Makes Sure You Spot Animals

Why You Should Care: Because he’s changing how we spot animals in the wild.

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No. 6: Religion Online: Online Seders and Virtual Bar Mitzvahs: Is the Virus Changing Judaism?

Why You Should Care: Times of isolation require people to find connectedness in new ways.

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No. 7: The World Is Closed: What the World Looks Like on Lockdown: Webcams at Popular Tourist Spots

Why You Should Care: It might be eerie, but it’s also fascinating. Maybe even a little comforting too.

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No. 8: Opinion: Should Sanders’ Next Move Be ‘Bernie TV’?

Why You Should Care: Because Bernie’s goodbye could just be hello to a new medium for his revolution.

Much more >>

No. 9: No Sex, Please: Don’t Expect a Coronavirus Baby Boom

Why You Should Care: This pandemic is unlikely to lead to many bundles of joy.

Much more >>

No. 10: Miss Mint Sauce: Meet Pakistan’s First Dirty Comic Drag Queen

Why You Should Care: Because cross-dressing raunchy comedy is thriving, even in a conservative society.

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