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From freaky fine dining to fake March Madness, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

First, we hope this weekend finds you well. As we weather the coronavirus pandemic, we have been surfacing stories to help you not only stay informed but also sane (here’s a video parody that might bring a smile to your face –– just remember not to touch it!).

This week we learned about the challenges of self-isolating in a homeless shelter, as well how the virus could affect national security. And, as we practice social distancing, we discovered how to get access to free concerts and art online, engage in fake March Madness and make sound investments à la Warren Buffett.

But it’s not all about the pandemic. We introduced you to both a new sense-arousing way to experience fine dining and the man who could be the next big TV host. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Coronavirus Central: How Do You ‘Self-Isolate’ at a Homeless Shelter?

Why You Should Care: A coronavirus outbreak could be devastating for people with no place to call home.

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No. 2: Multisensory Menus: Are You Ready for Smoked Duck With Squid Ink Risotto … in ‘Outer Space’?

Why You Should Care: Because you can now transport yourself to a parallel universe and tease all your senses while eating a fancy meal.

Much more >>

No. 3: Big Bottleneck: Meet the Women Fighting America’s Border Battle

Why You Should Care: Because there are only a handful of lawyers dealing with tens of thousands of asylum cases.

Much more >>

No. 4: Opinion: COVID-19 Affects National Security in Novel Ways

Why You Should Care: From car and tech parts to food and more, the full coronavirus fallout will be felt in surprising ways.

Much more >>

No. 5: Hoops Fix: Welcome to Fake March Madness

Why You Should Care: Because without real tournaments, you’ve got to improvise.

Much more >>

No. 6: Quarantine Stream: How to See Concerts & Shows for Free During Social Distancing

Why You Should Care: This is perhaps the most intimate way we can experience our favorite art and artists. And it’s free.

Much more >>

No. 7: Host Ghosting: Is This Bar Trivia Veteran the Next Ryan Seacrest?

Why You Should Care: Kevan Kenney is climbing the ladder to classic broadcast TV host — but does that role even exist anymore?

Much more >>

No. 8: Bold Money Moves: Investing in Coronavirus, Warren Buffet–Style

Why You Should Care: Because it’s possible to not just survive coronavirus panic but to actually thrive.

Much more >>

No. 9: Temperature Taker: The Man Mapping Coronavirus With Smart Thermometers

Why You Should Care: Because he’s offering a road map to coronavirus outbreaks before they happen.

Much more >>

No. 10: Two by Two: The History of Finding (or Building) Noah’s Ark

Why You Should Care: Because it is a story, and a search, that has fascinated nearly every culture and religion worldwide.

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