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From cheaper robot surgeries to cleaner mines, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we wrote about three groundbreaking women in history who you may not have been familiar with. Like Einstein’s wife, whose own contributions to physics are finally starting to get recognized. And we met a determined pioneer of feminism in Lebanon who removed her veil in the 1920s and changed history. And the real brain behind the atomic bomb? Her name might not be a household one (yet), but the woman who coined the term “nuclear fission” has a spot on the periodic table.

Read on for stories about tidying up the mining industry, staying alive on high climbs and robot surgeries that won’t break the bank. Here are our favorites on OZY this week.

No. 1: Cleaning Up: Can the Mining Industry Really Become ‘Responsible’?

Why You Should Care: Mexican consultants Mónica Cantú and Vivian Heredia are on the verge of certifying the first “responsible” mine in the Western Hemisphere.

Much more >>

No. 2: Under the Digital Knife: Robotic Surgeries Are Finally Set to Get Affordable

Why You Should Care: A long-held monopoly over surgical robots is about to end, unshackling a field that could transform health care.

Much more >>

No. 3: Removing the Veil: The Forgotten Pioneer of Lebanese Feminism

Why You Should Care: Anbara Salam Khalidi’s brave gesture to remove her veil in public paved the way for feminists across the Levant and wider Arab world.

Much more >>

No. 4: Capitalisn’t: Confused About Economics? This Podcast About Money Is Fun

Why You Should Care: Do discussions about the morality of a wealth tax get you excited? Check out this clever podcast about capitalism.

Much more >>

No. 5: Race Report Card: Schools Get Graded on Racial Equity

Why You Should Care: Demar Pitman has come up with a novel way to track the racial discipline gap.

Much more >>

No. 6: Power and Politics: Could Modi’s Break With Diplomatic Tradition Help Trump?

Why You Should Care: For decades, India has studiously made sure it can’t be accused of picking sides in foreign elections. Not anymore.

Much more >>

No. 7: Climbing High: Prevent Altitude Sickness … Without Coca Leaves

Why You Should Care: Because getting into trouble on a mountain can get you dead.

Much more >>

No. 8: Mother of Meitnerium: The Brilliant Female Brain Behind the Bomb

Lise Meitner, Physikerin, Österreich, mit Fr. Karlik

Why You Should Care: Lise Meitner is probably the most important researcher you’ve never heard of.

Much more >>

No. 9: ‘Who Cares’: Meet Trump’s Voice to Black America

Why You Should Care: With a controversial past and compelling pitch, Paris Dennard defends Trump — and himself.

Much more >>

No. 10: History Revealed: Was Albert Einstein a Terrible Husband?

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955), Einstein-Maric, Mileva (1875-1948)

Why You Should Care: Fans of Mileva Marić, also a physicist, are still struggling to get her contributions recognized.

Much more >>


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