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From a rice revolution to cuddle tourism, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we learned about people and movements working toward change. We met an 8-year-old climate activist in India who is definitely not the “Greta of the Global South.” Instead, call her “Licypriya of India.” And we also discovered how new indigenous languages in Australia are making key cultural connections and how the martial art of kahprek is finding new fighters and ways to survive in Myanmar.

And — cuteness alert — we also visited a unique tour in Cairo where the main attraction is cuddling with kitties and puppies. The goal: to show how the city’s millions of stray animals need love and support.

Read on for stories about moon living, rice revolutions and sex research gone wrong. Here are our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Eureka!: The Village on the Moon Starts Here

Why You Should Care: The moon race is on, and Europe is turning to this unit for new ideas.

Much more >>

No. 2: Critical Care: Why Is the ER So Busy? It’s the First Stop for 25% of Millennials

Why You Should Care: Young people are turning to a surprising primary care provider.

Much more >>

No. 3: Activist Alert: Don’t Call This 8-Year-Old India’s Greta Thunberg

Why You Should Care: Licypriya Kangujam is half Thunberg’s age, but she has in spunk what she lacks in height.

Much more >>

No. 4: Say Hello Down Under: How New Indigenous Languages Are Changing Australia

Why You Should Care: They are a bridge between traditional indigenous languages and a future for these communities and their culture.

Much more >>

No. 5: Snuggle Time: Cuddle Stray Dogs and Cats on Cairo’s Shelter Tour

Why You Should Care: Because the pyramids will be around for a lot longer than these puppies and kittens.

Much more >>

No. 6: Fighting the Odds: This Myanmar Martial Art Kicks to Survive

Why You Should Care: Few martial arts have had to endure what kahprek has had to — simply to stay alive.

Much more >>

No. 7: Grain Power: Can Nigeria’s Rice Revolution Help It Beat Oil Addiction?

Why You Should Care: This shift could fix both Nigeria’s food shortage and its economic woes in one go.

Much more >>

No. 8: Focus Adjustment: Only Let Women Direct Superhero Films

Why You Should Care: A woman’s touch is exactly what on-screen champions need.

Much more >>

No. 9: True Story: How to Stop Your Blind Father From Driving

Why You Should Care: Poor vision and driving do not mix. But getting your pop to see things the same way is far from easy.

Much more >>

No. 10: Don’t Try This at Home: This Pioneering Sex Researcher Experimented on Herself

Why You Should Care: Marie Bonaparte’s interest in the clitoris went an inch too far.

Much more >>


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