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From an injectable vasectomy to recycling India's flowers, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week we met two people making massive impacts on the lives of youth and the marginalized. First there’s Assam’s first transgender judge, who is fighting to help trans people affected by the Indian government’s citizenship purge. And we met a teacher who is giving young and traumatized ISIS survivors another chance through education centers.

We also found out about a new option for male contraception, how the sun can be used to fight fire, a unique flowercycling program and the other legacy that activist Harriet Tubman left behind.

No. 1: Shop Standstill: Kashmir’s Social Media Ban Is Killing Female Businesses

Why You Should Care: The longest internet blackout in any democracy is ruining a rare economic opportunity for Kashmiri businesswomen.

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No. 2: New Climate Change Frontiers: California Schools Fight Fire With the Sun

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Why You Should Care: Solar storage is helping the Golden State’s schools remain open — and safe — during wildfires.

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No. 3: Meet: The Trans Judge Fighting for India’s Disenfranchised

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Why You Should Care: Because trans people are being erased by the Indian government’s citizenship purge.

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No. 4: Deflection Injection: Would You Opt for a Nonsurgical Vasectomy?

Why You Should Care: Because it’s a reversible vasectomy — without the surgery.

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No. 5: Flowercycling 101: A Sweet-Smelling End for 3,000 Tons of India’s Waste Flowers

Why You Should Care: Because this process creates something meaningful from something that could be harmful.

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No. 6: Fighting Fit: Africa-Born Fighters Are Taking Over MMA

Why You Should Care: With two world champions, Nigeria — and Africa in general — could be the future of mixed martial arts.

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No. 7: School Saver: The Man Educating Young ISIS Survivors

Why You Should Care: Because children in Syria are getting another chance.

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No. 8: True Story: Leaving Your Legs in Yemen

Why You Should Care: Losing your legs to a land mine might cool anyone’s ardor for war. Not in this case.

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No. 9: Dying Art: End of the Line for Hand-Painted Movie Posters?

Why You Should Care: Virginia Axioti creates every poster for every movie shown at the Athinaion Cinemas.

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No. 10: Aging With Race: Harriet Tubman’s Last Great Humanitarian Act

Why You Should Care: After her Underground Railroad days, Tubman never stopped trying to help people.

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