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From designer babies to the cutest-ever sheep, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week saw migrants tear-gassed at the Mexican border, General Motors’ plans to close factories and lay off 14,700 workers and Russia seizing three Ukrainian ships for allegedly violating territorial waters. There was some good news, however, when it comes to animals. First, a massive Australian steer was saved from the slaughterhouse for being too big of a beast. Next we learned that unicorns actually did exist, and alongside modern humans, but not quite as we’d expect.

Now we’ve got something even better for you than (hairy) unicorns. Here are some of our favorite stories this week. 

No. 1: CRISPR Kids: Meet the Chinese Researcher Behind the ‘World’s First Designer Babies’

Why You Should Care:  Scientists fear that editing human embryos could lead to a slippery slope to eugenics. 

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No. 2: Taking Off: The Future of the Private Space Industry Is … Communist China

Why You Should Care:  Beijing’s private space market, just four years old, is growing faster than anyone else’s. As are the country’s ambitions.

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No. 3: By the Numbers: Why 20 Million Americans Should File for Bankruptcy

Why You Should Care:  A whopping number of Americans would benefit from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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No. 4: Baa-eautiful: Meet the World’s Most Adorable Sheep … Coming to the US

Why You Should Care: Because not only is it the cutest creature — you can also walk it on a leash.

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No. 5: The Huddle: Harvard Is Scoring Big in the NFL. Here’s Why

Why You Should Care:  When it comes to sending players to the NFL, the Crimson’s tide is rising. 

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No. 6: $$$ For ZZZs: How Much Should You Get Paid to Sleep?

Why You Should Care:  A Tokyo business is offering to give its employees a bonus if they can prove sufficient bed rest.   

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No. 7: Big Bill: The UN Owes Millions to Ethiopia Because the US Won’t Pay Up

Why You Should Care:  The Trump administration may gripe about the U.N.’s spending. But America’s failure to pay the U.N. on time is hurting poorer nations that are helping to keep the world safe.

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No. 8: Rising Star: He’s Helping the Blind ‘See’ Their Work — and Become Engineers

Why You Should Care:  Three-quarters of blind Americans are unemployed, but Josh Coffee’s digital tablet could create a new generation of architects and engineers.

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No. 9: Long-Forgotten Bastards: The Wickedest Southern Belle, We Do Declare

Why You Should Care:  Delphine LaLaurie has gone down in history as an exceptionally cruel mistress … and possibly a murderer.

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No. 10: #FakeCrime Fun: Your Next True-Crime Podcast Fix? It’s a Funny Slasher Parody

Why You Should Care:  True crime podcasts are more popular than ever. The next big thing is to poke fun at them. 

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